May 2019

Elyse Wilkinson“My overall experience at Spa Tech Institute was great! I am a huge believer that the work you put in will pay off in the end! My favorite classes were the color classes and styling! I loved when the teacher would give us the freedom to try something new on our mannequin, it really helped me feel comfortable trying a new technique out on a client! My favorite part about school was being on the clinic floor, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now without all of the practice I got!”

Get Motivated Seminar This valuable information is being shared with you to help you succeed. 20 people from the Institute attended the Get Motivated Seminar with Zig Ziglar, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, General Tommy Franks and 5 other outstanding performers from many walks of life. The theme was leadership and success.

It is vitally important that you fully understand policies at the school that affect you. The policies are here for your protection and to facilitate your success as a student and after you graduate. Please review the policies and access them as needed.

Professionalism is the Mark of Quality

Being a successful professional requires focus, dedication, strength and a constant state of improvement.

The amount to learn about being a successful professional is endless. It is also an amazing journey of self development. Your limitations or flaws are the source of your failures. If something isn't working out it's always because it's something in you.

Your schedule has been carefully designed to give you the optimal learning experience so consistent attendance is basic to doing well. Given the design of the schedule, any interuption in attendance is very difficult to make up for.

However, at times life events can come up that you have no control over. In these cases there are alternatives to withdrawing from your program of study.

Whether you have your own business or work for someone else, you will probably work with at least one consultant.

There are many good consultants if you use them correctly. However, there are also many consultants who are primarily self promoters and sales people who may take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

Most successful businesses are grown by people who have high standards and never think they are good enough. They also are typically people who are good at something and as a result, find themselves with a growing business that exceeds their skill set. The combination of self-doubt and the constant changes that go along with growth creates the market for consultants.

Phishing takes many forms but usually attempts to get some sort of meaningful data about you that can be used for identity theft.

Primarily you will get emails that appear to come from banks, credit card companies, security firms, software vendors or many other sources that appear to be legitimate. In particular, the email address will look like it is coming from a legitimate source. The problem is, email addresses can be spoofed to look like something other than what they are.