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"I had an amazing experience at Spa Tech. The staff is great, such an amazing support base as well as full of knowledge. I am convinced that there is not a school that prepares you better for the state boards. Everyone in the school becomes your family away from home. And best of all it was in my backyard. I couldn't have made a better choice when I decided to come to Spa Tech!"
Danielle Vinton, Aesthetician

"I would highly recommend Spa Tech over the other Aesthetics schools to people who are holistically oriented or who truly have a passion for being the best in the field. During my time at Spa Tech, I have grown both professionally and personally. I have learned skills that I will take with me into my professional career and will continue to stay in touch with many classmates, instructors and office staff. I have never felt so confident and excited about my school and education. If you choose Spa Tech for your education, you will be gaining experience that employers crave."
Dianne Mattucci, Aesthetician

"I would recommend anyone looking to pursue their career in Aesthetics to attend Spa Tech Institute. I absolutely love this school as well as all of the staff who are very helpful and knowledgeable. I've had a great life learning experience and not only have I furthered my career and education, but I have also been made to feel at home. I wouldn't have changed a thing."
Katie Richards, Aesthetician

"Words cannot describe my experience at Spa Tech. What I can say is that it was a wonderful journey that I am grateful to be a part of, from classmates, to teachers, and also clients. They've become so dear to me. Spa Tech truly knows how to educate with confidence, passion, and heart. I truly enjoyed my time here." Kieu Vuong, Aesthetician
"I graduated from the 600-hour Aesthetics program in 2008 and decided to take advantage of the 20% graduate tuition offer for massage. I loved the program and feel very confident in the skills I learned at Spa Tech. I am looking forward to building up my clientele evermore." Michelle McKenna, Aesthetics and Massage, Class of 2008 and 2012

"My time here at Spa Tech was inspirational through the wonderful curriculum and long lasting friendships. The teachers were amazing and very helpful, always willing to push us to succeed."
Nicole Ramos, Aesthetician

"I am so happy I chose to come to Spa Tech. I have learned so much here and the girls in my class were amazing. The teachers are very helpful and they have taught me a lot. I would definitely recommend Spa Tech to anyone who wants to attend a great school that is fun too!"
Nikki Rath, Aesthetician

"I knew that I was going to enjoy my time and education at Spa Tech, but the 600 hours I have spent here have exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much, and am grateful for it all.; I love my instructors and classmates. Life long friendships!"
Susan Bouchard, Aesthetician

"I enrolled in this program to combine a piece of knowledge for skin care/Aesthetics and my current position as a Registered Nurse. I feel I learned a lot here and am ready to go out into the field. The teachers and staff were amazing. I felt that the teachers really did their best to prepare you for the world outside of the clinic. They were all very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this experience and am glad to have done so!"
Susan, Aesthetician

"I love this school, the staff, and teachers. They are very nice and helpful. Thank you, Thank you so very much!"
Tan Nguyen, Aesthetics

"I have very much enjoyed attending Spa Tech. I have learned so much from the instructors here. They have been very helpful in getting prepared for a future in the skin care industry. I have also recommended a friend to Spa Tech because of what I learned and the great experience I have had here. Thank you."
Tuyet Nguyen, Aesthetician

"I received a life-changing experience at Spa Tech. Other than learning about aesthetics I learned a lot about myself as well as support, success, and relationships. I cannot say enough great things about Spa Tech, the teachers and the staff. I have made amazing bonds with people at this school that I know I will always have an association with Spa Tech. I am truly appreciative of my experience here."

"I've gained so much confidence and met a lot of good students and teachers. I've gotta say I was extremely scared coming to this school, was afraid I wasn't going to make it. With the clinic and the knowledge the teachers have I was able to do it. Here I am on graduation day so excited but so lost, I have grown so close with the teachers! I'm looking forward to working and very confident in what I CAN DO!!!"
Jenny Sangster

"My experience at Spa Tech has opened up my eyes to a whole new path that I am heading down. I made some amazing new friends that will hopefully be life-long friends and am making life changes to better myself."
Jillian Brodeur

"What a great experience! There are no words to really explain this program, what I have learned about myself and the support that I received from the teachers. Thanks, Spa Tech."
Julia Nason

"Spa Tech has definitely made an impact on my life, I've reached my goal. I graduated from school and now I'm on my way to start a whole new life with my new career. I've learned so much in the past eight months and I can't wait to learn more. Spa Tech has boosted my confidence level sky high and I leave this school with a smile on my face! Thank you Spa Tech."

"Spa Tech has taught me a lot about managing skin care and caring for skin. It was an amazing experience filled with knowledgeable, attentive instructors. I was able to gain confidence in my skills and helping others."

"The programs at Spa Tech allowed me to do the work that I love to do. It gave me all the tools I needed to have a successful career as a Massage Therapist and aesthetician"
Faith Kennedy

"I have gained knowledge about the skin in which I can use to benefit the many people I work on in the future. The teachers are fantastic. The program is full of all you would need to know to be successful in the big world of aesthetics."
Heidi Todd

"I have now completed both Aesthetics and Massage Therapy here. I absolutely have loved both programs and I'm planning on coming back for Polarity in the future. I fully intend to promote this school to anyone that is interested in massage, energy work, or Aesthetics."
Kelly Anne

"Attending the Aesthetics program at Spa Tech changed my life. I met the most amazing people, teachers, and my classmates were all such generous and knowledgeable people. My favorite part about coming to Spa Tech Institute was that I always learned something new in class whether it was from the textbook, teachers or classmates. The energy and positivity in this building are awesome and I would recommend this school to anyone that's looking to make a nice change in their life."
Tara Socha

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