Your schedule has been carefully designed to give you the optimal learning experience so consistent attendance is basic to doing well. Given the design of the schedule, any interuption in attendance is very difficult to make up for.

However, at times life events can come up that you have no control over. In these cases there are alternatives to withdrawing from your program of study.

Whether you have your own business or work for someone else, you will probably work with at least one consultant.

There are many good consultants if you use them correctly. However, there are also many consultants who are primarily self promoters and sales people who may take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

Most successful businesses are grown by people who have high standards and never think they are good enough. They also are typically people who are good at something and as a result, find themselves with a growing business that exceeds their skill set. The combination of self-doubt and the constant changes that go along with growth creates the market for consultants.

Phishing takes many forms but usually attempts to get some sort of meaningful data about you that can be used for identity theft.

Primarily you will get emails that appear to come from banks, credit card companies, security firms, software vendors or many other sources that appear to be legitimate. In particular, the email address will look like it is coming from a legitimate source. The problem is, email addresses can be spoofed to look like something other than what they are.

Toner Scam and other supply scams

The toner scam has been around for a long time but a lot of people don't know about it. Knowing about it can save you a lot of money.

A person calls the company, says they are from the copier company, that they are making sure that their records are up to date and then asks you to verify the make and model of the copier. Often a receptionist or another person takes the call so they may not realize that this is a scam.

Internet Scams Target Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are now on the receiving end of a variation of an online con. Here’s how it works: An out-of-town “client” contacts a practitioner via e-mail wanting to schedule appointments for a time in the future when he/she will be visiting the area.

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Student Success Tips

The trick to being successful is to constantly learn the best way to do things. As a student, how you study becomes a critical part of getting the most out of your training. Good study habits are deliberate skills that are learned. Some schools teach study habits. Most do not.

Learn to Love Feedback (Criticism)

This is a big one. If you master this, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Nobody loves to be criticized. Even when your goal is to be as successful as possible, feedback or criticism is often incorrectly associated with punishment or being wrong. It is natural. Most of our lives we have received feedback in ways that were tied to being bad or being punished. It is the legacy of the behavioral scientists who designed the educational and socialization structure of our society. Do something good and get a reward. Do something bad and get punished.