This entry in Your Prosperity Future is stimulated by a question that wasn't asked. That is important in itself. The reader seemed to be invested in the notion that their business was down and the entire industry was down due to the economy.

Thank you for responding. It's interesting because we are hearing from many of our graduates that things are up and I believe them. Nancy was talking to a store owner in downtown Ipswich who told her that they were all hurting and that the only business on the block that was busy was the spa. They would all stand around and watch people come and go all day.

Positive people need to be ready to deal with negative reactions. In fact, one of the most important qualities of successful people is the ability to be resilient and not let negative events or people interfere with reaching positive outcomes. It’s interesting to see how much negativity backlash is generated by a positive statement. If you are looking to change your life for the better, you may encounter people who react negatively. Hopefully, there are also many positive responses from people who have learned to live with a positive focus. But you will still need to find ways to maintain your positive attitude while negative people attempt to bring you down.

This was written in response to a graduate who was learning about finding her first career placement.

Finding and winning your first job in your field requires work and dedication. The universe is going to test your commitment to different degrees depending on who you are and your attitude. We know from experience that who you were as a student is a predictor of your future career success. But we also know, from personal experience as well as from years of helping people realize their dreams, that you can change your future. It depends on you.

A key point of being prosperous is to stay focused on your goals and to not let others discourage you. Most obstacles are not even real but are imagined. Successful people learn to see through or beyond the obstacle to the completion of what they want to accomplish.

The current, mostly imaginary obstacle, is the state of the economy. The media and politicians are generating a lot of fear about the economy. The good news is that it's mostly false. The bad news is it is contributing to hurting the economy.

I know it's a cliche but Happy New Year. Really. I hope you have your most amazing year yet. Here's how to make this year amazing. Write down (or video) what you want this year. My preference is written, not typed, as it uses a different part of the brain. But however, you do it, consciously recording what you want is extremely powerful.