In preparation for working in a spa, salon or clinic, the art of getting a good clinic schedule starts with what you do in school. Although the cosmetology salon is done on a walk-in basis only, getting to work with clients in all settings requires some thought and action on your part to get the prime opportunities.

Tips for Completing Practice Sessions - Module 1 Massage/Level 1 Polarity

As a student enrolled in a Massage Therapy Program or the Polarity Therapy Career Program, you will complete 30 practice sessions during your first module or level of your program. While the actual sessions are not turned in until the first block of clinic, you are encouraged to have all or most of the practice sessions done by the Peer Review final exam class.

Like it or not, your appearance has a huge impact on your success. The cliché that, "You only get one chance to make a good first impression" is even more important in the industries of beauty and health than in almost any other profession other than sales (and let's face it, whether you are a realtor or a parent trying to get your kids to do something, we are all in sales on one level or another).

Every sport maintains careful and complete statistics on their performance and use systems (training, warm up, diet, body mechanics, etc.) to improve performance. The pros monitor the stats RELIGIOUSLY. They know their numbers inside and out. Why? Because the numbers are their tool for monitoring performance. It is the only way they can get to the top of their game. And they follow their systems RELIGIOUSLY because they know it is the only way to improve performance. Spirit and enthusiasm are important, but without the stats and the systems, they will not reach their goals.

Develop coping strategies for the demands of student life

Manage your time instead of time managing you.
=Determine first how much time you have and how you spend it now.
=Which activities support your educational goals and which do not?
=Which activities are the most and the least important to you?
=Do you spend more time engaging in social or work activities than in school activities?
=Are you spending sufficient time engaging in activities that support your educational goals?

Identify strategies for making satisfactory progress

Learn and practice classroom success skills.
=Instructors evaluate positively those students who participate in class and demonstrate an interest in the subject.
=Successful students know how to communicate interest, commitment and motivation toward school.
=Ask pertinent questions in class
=Actively answer questions.

Develop a plan to finish school on time

Set realistic goals for completing your program of study.
-How many months do you plan to spend in school?
-When is your last scheduled class?
-Do you want to finish on time?
-Are you committed to not missing any classes or clinics?
-Are you monitoring any missed classes or lateness and making them up promptly?
-Do you know all the requirements that you need to complete in order to graduate?
-How many hours will you need to complete per module of classes and clinics?
-Have you scheduled adequate outside time for studying, projects, and practice?

Retail made Easy

By Amy Rolnick, LMT

Would you like to easily increase your income? Are you using products you and your clients absolutely love? Would you like to make things easier for clients with “one stop shopping”?

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You will frequently encounter people who are in mourning. It can occur after many events such as loss of a loved one, including pets, relationship breakup, job loss, loss of physical or mental ability due to accident or illness, and many other situations. As a professional it is important to understand that behavior by clients in mourning may be surprising. It is important to not take it personally.