Rachel Deschamps Licensed AestheticianRachel Deschamps graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s Aesthetics Program just this summer. Today, I was lucky enough to visit her at her very own spa, Radiant U Esthetics, located right in beautiful downtown Newburyport. She has been open for just about 5 weeks, however, within minutes I found myself waiting for her to finish a call from a new client booking a facial from a referral.

Elyse Wilkinson“My overall experience at Spa Tech Institute was great! I am a huge believer that the work you put in will pay off in the end! My favorite classes were the color classes and styling! I loved when the teacher would give us the freedom to try something new on our mannequin, it really helped me feel comfortable trying a new technique out on a client! My favorite part about school was being on the clinic floor, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now without all of the practice I got!”

Crystal Brown“My favorite aspect of being a self-employed polarity therapist is undoubtedly the safe space created and shared with clients, as well as the feedback from them about the resulting change in their lives that my sessions have helped assist them with. The intuitive flexibility in my work allows for creativity and helps maintain a level of fun that I often missed when working outside of the bodywork profession. I feel like I can be myself and truly connect with clients.”~ Crystal Brown, Polarity Therapy, Westbrook Campus

molly merrifieldMolly Merrifield came to Spa Tech Institute Westbrook Campus with a love of the beauty industry and graduated from the 1500 Hour Cosmetology program in December of 2017. Cosmetology Education Director, Charlotte Hanna says “Molly is a hard worker and very dedicated to the industry. She was always eager to learn new things and I knew very early on in her program that she would achieve her goals and be successful.”