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Advanced Individual Massage CEU Classes (CEU courses are not accredited by NACCAS)


Class Code Hours Prerequisite Description
Stretching  AMS24 4 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Learn the "whys, whens and hows" of stretch­ing. The importance of warm-ups and the stretches relevant to each muscle group includ­ing routines for your client's everyday activities.
Chair Massage AMS10 12 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate An excellent way to reach new clients.  Effective techniques that are safe, efficient and designed for the workplace.  Disrobing is not necessary.
Myofascial Release AMS16 8 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Pain relief through working directly on the fascia of the body.
Positional Release AMS17 4 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Students learn a simple technique of positioning the body in such a way that the cycle of the pain of a trigger point can be interrupted.
Range of Motion AMS21 8 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate A beautiful and important way to stretch the muscles and work the joints to increase mobility.
Hydrotherapy 1 AMS22 8 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Heat and cold, in its various forms, when applied to the body, has great therapeutic benefit.  Learn Hydrotherapy applications, general rules for self-care, client use and contraindications.
Aromatherapy AMS23 24 None The blending and application of essential oils for the client's physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
Pregnancy & Infant Massage AMS25 12 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Learn the physiological changes in the body of a pregnant woman relative to massage and ways to support her through the nine months with mas­sage techniques specific to each trimester.
Hydrotherapy 2 AMS26 8 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Builds on hydrotherapy 1 with the introduction and application of hydraulic steam packs, foot soaks, cold sinus packs and other hydrotherapy products. 
Event Sports Massage AMS30 8 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Prepares students to do pre and post massage at sporting events.  Includes in-depth information about identifying potential hypothermic and hyperthermic conditions of the athletes. 
Neuromuscular Technique AMS31 16 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Basic European NMT will be taught as a means of assessing and addressing soft tissue dysfunctions.  More focus on trigger point theory and techniques will be covered.
Hot Rock Massage AMS32 16 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Learn the exciting dance of incorporating heated and cooled rocks into your Swedish massage.  Prepares the student with all the information needed to do this highly therapeutic and energetic technique.

CEU Modules


Class Code Hours Prerequisite Description
Intro to Swedish Massage Mod1 120 None Basic A&P, massage history, theory, draping, strokes and technique to do basic relaxation massage using Swedish techniques.
Deep Tissue Massage Mod2 120 Mod1 or 500+ hour graduate Advanced deep tissue and trigger point techniques for addressing repetitive stress injuries and the healing process.


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