student clinicTo schedule a session, please use the clinic phone number listed for each location.

Massage, Aesthetics and Polarity Clinics are available at all campuses by appointment only.

Cosmetology Services are available only in Maine on either by reservation or on a walk-in basis.

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Student Clinic Information

 The instructor-supervised student clinics are an important part of the learning experience for the student and also provides a wonderful service to the community. Most people who visit for the first time are impressed with the quality of the work and become long term clients of the clinics.

Massage services are available at all locations by appointment only and include Holistic or Therapeutic massage. The clinic is often booked up several weeks in advance and most clients will book 3 and 4 appointments at a time. Therefore it is important to make your reservation early.

 Skin Care (Aesthetics Maine or Aesthetics Massachusetts) services are available by appointment only. The services that are offered depend on the time of year and where the students are in their course of study. The program emphasizes conscious touch and most clients are amazed by the results. The clinic is often booked up 3 weeks in advance so it is important to make your reservation early.

 Cosmetology Services are offered on a walk-in basis in Portland and include haircuts, manicures, pedicures, perms, coloring including foils, facials and many other services. The clinic is bright, clean and a lot of fun. The students are friendly and excited about what they are doing and a real joy to be with. They are also dedicated to giving you the best service possible.

 Polarity Services is an advanced form of bodywork that integrates the body/mind connection throughout the work. The work is deeply transformative and useful for addressing physical, mental and emotional issues.

Important Policy on Right to Refuse Service

This is a student clinic where the students practice the work they are learning in class. The students do not have the entire professional skill set so they may lack the training to deal with exceptional health issues.

Therefore, for your protection, we reserve the right to not treat clients who may be dealing with healthissues such as cancer, skin disease, heart conditions or other conditions that may require the services from a fully trained professional.

Additionally, in the cosmetology clinic there may be certain conditions such as head lice that will require waiting until the condition is remedied.

The school will also refuse service in cases of intoxication or inappropriate remarks or behavior. 

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