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Gainful Employment Disclosures – Early Implementation On July 1, 2019, the U.S. Department of Education (“Department”) published final regulations in the Federal Register rescinding the 2014 gainful employment regulations at 34 CFR part 668 subpart Q and subpart R. Spa Tech Institute’s decision to participate in early implementation of the rescission granted by the Secretary of Education is on file in the school Compliance Department.

The school still encourages students to research important information on graduation, placement and licensure rates.

NACCAS Annual Report Statistics for 1/1/18-12/31/18


Graduation Rate: 78.45%
Placement Rate: 80.06%
Licensure Rate: 98.92%

These are cumulative rates for the entire school.

The following information may be out of date and is dependent on the government updating the data that is supplied through the IPEDS student data reporting system. Schools may report the data in different ways that can cause discrepancies in the results.

Ipswich, MA Campus
Plymouth, MA Campus
Westboro, MA Campus
Westbrook, ME Campus

Net Price Calculators:

The Net Price Calculator for each campus is based on the program with the largest enrollment at that campus.

Ipswich, MA Net Price Calculator
Plymouth, MA Net Price Calculator
Westboro, MA Net Price Calculator
Westbrook, ME Net Price Calculator

Wage Information

In regards to wage and salary information, your best source of information is to talk to people who are working in the industry and have had successful practices or businesses for at least 3 years. Generally, these people have a pretty good idea of the compensation for your area of the country or state. The more people you talk to the more you will understand what to expect. It’s also good to talk to professionals who graduated from the schools you are considering attending so you wil have a sense of how well the school prepared them for their career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also posts information on their website that is based on the reported wages for the profession. Since the massage, cosmetology and aesthetics professions include tips, cash clients and a high degree of self-employed and part-time employment, the statistics may not be as accurate as traditional W-2 wage earners such as nurses, physical therapists, and other related professions.

The following links are provided simply as a courtesy and reference point. These are national employment and wage information. You can also search by location to get a better idea of what is recorded for your area.

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