Updated 6/10/2020

(Students, please refer to the COVID-19 link that was sent to you for up to date information on classes, etc.)

First and foremost, the school places a very high priority on everyone’s safety and health.

The school has responded quickly to making changes. We are now offering most of the programs online until it’s safe to have classroom and hands-on instruction.

COVID-19 is an emerging event that the school is monitoring and responding to very closely. It is our belief that medicines and vaccines will eventually make “social distancing” a thing of the past. Until that time, the profession as a whole will adapt to working with higher levels of infection controls including the use of face masks during the delivery of services.

The schools have always placed a very high priority on sanitation and infection control. We use touch point plans and train all students and staff in effective practices. Additionally, the students and staff implement the touch point plan every 4 hours throughout the day as well as between clients in the clinic. Best practices for infection control have always been an important part of the curriculum and will prepare you for working in the field when you graduate.

As a further precaution, most of the the administrative, admissions and financial aid staff are operating remotely using telecommunications including phones, Skype and Google Hangouts. We are available to answer your questions and help you.

The in-person classes and student clinics are closed in compliance with state mandates and will open in compliance with the state restrictions. Every student will need to recognize that although the school is following recommended protocols, there will always be some level of risk whenever you leave your home and interact with other people.

Because it’s clear that shutting down economy and life cannot continue forever, we are continuing enrollment for the future classes. Classes may begin as online classes and then change to classroom instruction as soon as it’s allowed or they may start as in person if the state allows it. It’s important to remember that the states may accelerate or roll back the restrictions at any given time.

Student Clinic

To all of our student clinic clients: Once it’s determined that we can provide services for clinic clients again, clients who were scheduled at the time of shut down will be contacted first before we open the clinic to the general public. There will be additional protocols in place to ensure the well-being of everyone who comes to the school.

Thank you for your patience as we all navigate this crisis together. We hope everyone stays well and that we can all work together to lower the infection rate and start the work of recovery soon.