Graduate Referrals

Carrying on a tradition of excellence*

Go to the Spa Tech Institute Graduate Referral site to locate the best trained and most highly committed professionals in the field.

Please let your practitioner, therapist or spa professional know that you were referred to them from this site. http://graduate-referrals.Spa

What you will find

Whether they have their own business or work in a spa, clinic or other setting, they understand the trust you are giving them when you allow them to work with you. They combine their years of training and experience to provide you with the most appropriate services to achieve your desired results.

The link above helps you find a practitioner in your area. As this is a new section of the website, many of the past graduates are not listed yet so keep checking back often. If you cannot find a person in your area, please contact the school to find the nearest graduate.

Thank you.

* The school has very high standards for graduation. However, Spa Tech Institute cannot control the actual performance of practitioners after they graduate. It is up to the consumer to evaluate the quality or the work performed and continually maintain communication with their practitioner as to expectations and results.