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"Spa Tech has given me everything I need to know about massage. Spa Tech with all the teachers' help has given me the confidence to know I will be successful to follow my dream. Teachers are amazing and they are always there whenever you need help."

"The massage therapy program has completely changed my life. It has changed the way I think about myself and others. It has taught me to be a more positive and happy person. Everything I desire and want out of life can only happen if I make it happen and put it out there. Before school, I was always blaming everybody else for me not succeeding, but I have learned that I am the one in control and to trust myself. I have become a more confident person and ready to take everything Spa Tech has taught me into the world. I have met some of the most amazing teachers and friends here, who I know I will remain with me for years to come."
Angel-Marie Smith, Massage Therapy

"This school has made me turn over a new leaf and prove to myself I can do anything. I also like the inspiration the teachers give to the students to get up and go. I believe if you set your mind to do it you can do anything you want. So I thank all the teachers and the staff for everything they did for me. Thank You."
Bonnie Smith, Massage Therapy

"Spa Tech Institute is a great school for any student who is seeking education in Massage Therapy. The diversity of Instructors makes for such an enriched learning experience! Each with gifts for students of all learning types. The support from the entire Spa Tech team creates a most positive atmosphere providing confidence to students. I recommend Spa Tech to anyone interested in the health benefits, science and power of structured touch!"
Chimeka, Massage Therapy

"Spa Tech was an incredible journey of self-discovery for me. The love and support I received throughout the program were unparalleled to most other experiences of my life."
Chris Miller, Massage Therapy

"My experience at Spa Tech has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. As a graduate of both the massage and polarity programs, I have developed much more than basic bodywork skills. Spa Tech teaches the beauty of touch and the value of generosity and kindness through the radiant energy of the staff. The teachers are here to empower you, and when you leave Spa Tech, you will be successful."
Daniel Schmidt, Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy

"Spa Tech helped me to become a successful Massage Therapist. 12 years in the industry and still going!"The staff and instructors at Spa Tech really care about the students and do everything they can to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful! I loved coming to school here and would highly recommend Spa Tech for anyone considering a career in massage and polarity therapy!" Donna, Massage Therapy

"I used to look forward to vacations. Now I look forward to work. It's quite a remarkable feeling to do the work that I love."
Jane Viera, Holistic Massage Practitioner

"With the education I received, I was able to open my own business the month after I graduated, start working with clients and making money. Attending Spa Tech Institute was the best decision I have ever made and it has truly changed my life for the better."
Jennifer Hrenko, Massage Therapy

"My experience here at Spa Tech was very challenging but amazing. Every morning I'd wake up excited to learn a new body part, stroke or technique. The energy, people, and teachers are wonderful. I wouldn't change this experience for the world. I was always the type of person who'd give up easily when things went wrong. The teachers are eager to help with my struggles, without their support I probably wouldn't have made it through the program. I am proud to have accomplished so much in a short period of time. My life has changed for the better. I am a better person, but most importantly I am the best massage therapist I can be. Thank you Spa Tech for the wonderful experience and for pushing me to be great at what I do."
June Vo, Massage Therapy

"I have enjoyed my time as a student at Spa Tech Institute and am looking forward to graduation. I feel prepared to start my own practice and am confident that I will succeed. Thankfully the administration and teachers at Spa Tech are very passionate about each individual students success and were always readily available for assistance when needed. The classes were very informative and the hands-on clinics were very beneficial to my education here as well. This may be the end of an amazing learning experience, but it is the beginning of a long and successful career in a field that I love."
Kara Grant, Massage Therapy

"Coming to school for polarity and massage at Spa Tech has been for me, the experience of coming home to my Self. My life has evolved in the most joyous and amazing ways thanks to my education and new found confidence in being able to manifest a practice of health and healing. I hold deep gratitude in my heart for the abundance of wisdom the teachers here have shared and for the connection to all of the wonderful people I have met who are also on this similar path."
Lynsey Smith, Polarity Therapy an Massage Therapy

"I graduated from the 600-hour Esthetics program in 2008 and decided to take advantage of the 20% graduate tuition offer for massage. I loved the program and feel very confident in the skills I learned at Spa Tech. I am looking forward to building up my clientele evermore."
Michelle McKenna, Aesthetics and Massage, Class of 2008 and 2012

"Spa Tech Institute has a very comprehensive program that addresses all aspects of becoming a licensed massage therapist, whether self-employed or as an employee. The Instructors bring a plethora of personal life experiences as well as academics. I truly had a wonderful journey in my achievement of graduating to become a licensed massage therapist."
Michelle Painter, Massage Therapy

"Spa tech Institute has changed and perfected almost every aspect of my life. With a caring and supportive staff who want you to succeed, Spa Tech provides an unbelievable education and learning experience. Thank you Spa Tech Institute, for all that you have given to us!"
Monica Hamel, Massage Therapy

"My experience at Spa Tech Institute was nothing short of fabulous! All the teachers are knowledgeable, approachable, and willing to push you to be the best you can possibly be!"
Shanon Mulcahy, Massage Therapy

"Spa Tech has opened up many opportunities in my life, professionally and personally. I feel confident in the work I am bringing to people and cannot wait to show the world what I can do!"
Stephanie Tavares, Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy

"Spa Tech has provided me with one of the best educational experiences I have ever received. The teachers are all committed to every student completing the highest level of professionalism and skills. The curriculum is geared toward ensuring success in the bodywork and business skills. The environment is warm and supportive. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in becoming the best they can in this field."
Susan Steele, Massage Therapy

"When I came to Spa Tech I did not expect to make such great friends and have so much fun. I found out a lot about myself and even though I Still have things to work on, I think that I have become more confident in myself and grew as a person. I will take things I have learned here where ever I go the rest of my life!"
Mallory Anderson

"I had a great time here at Spa Tech. It was a great experience. I met a lot of new friends. Besides learning a great deal about skin and how to succeed in your profession, I had a lot of fun!"
Natan Pirete

"My experience at Spa Tech has been an unforgettable one. Applying to the Aesthetics program was one of the best decisions I could've made. From the instructors to the fellow students, good days and bad days, I am reassured that I have found a profession I love and am proud of. Through this experience, I have found new confidence in myself. I've learned so much and am excited to keep learning, as I apply my skills in the real world. I thank Spa Tech for the foundation, they've prepared me well!"
Shareena Cloeveland

"Spa Tech has changed my life for the better. I'd recommend attending if you're trying to find the light in life. It's helped me to find a spark... and given me, some more strength, and obviously the tools to move on to a better life to be able to provide happily and successfully for my daughter and I. Thank you Spa Tech :) I'll be back!"
Siobhan Raymond

"I've been interested in a massage before but I didn't think of it again until several months after retiring last June of 2011. I can't say exactly how I began to consider it again but when I found myself thinking about looking for work in schools again, my heart sank - oh no, too soon to consider again. But when I looked at the Spa Tech info on the internet, my heart jumped and I felt excited! That was the sign. I had to do this massage therapy program. I really enjoyed the Swedish challenge."
Christine Cain-Johnson

"My experience at Spa Tech was great! From my first tour of the school through graduation, I felt like I was a part of a community. Everyone at the school was very supportive of my development and willing to provide any help or guidance when I needed it. The full day Therapeutic Massage program is such a hands-on, fully engrossing program, that not only did I learn a lot about massage but I truly learned a lot about myself as well. My sincerest thanks to all of the teachers and office staff that made it possible for me to develop the skills to make massage therapy a career that I can be proud of."

"The moment I walked through the doors to Spa Tech, I felt at home. I knew that second I was making the right decision to attend this school. Everyone here made me feel extremely comfortable and at home; they are all extremely and entirely supportive of me. One major aspect that really stood out to me was how passionate the teachers are. I was excited to wake up every day to hear anything new they had to say. Each teacher finds the passion in their students and they each bring it out in a different way. They are not only extremely passionate and intelligent, but they also find a way to share that same intelligence and passion with each and every one of their students. I love Spa Tech and I am grateful I made the decision to come here."

"Being at Spa Tech has been a wonderful experience for me because I was never good at regular school and the different ways of learning are very helpful for me and made me understand things so much better. After going through this program, I feel like I have enough experience to do very well in the field of aesthetics, and I believe that I will get an amazing job doing something that I absolutely love doing. Spa Tech is an amazing school and I would recommend it to anybody that was interested! Coming to Spa Tech was one of the best choices I have ever made!"
Erica Dube

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