Polarity CEU

Polarity Modules (CEU courses are not accredited by NACCAS)

*Class    **Code    ***Hours    ****Prerequisite

  • *Intro to Polarity Therapy (APP)  **Lev1  ***120  ****None
    Basic polarity therapy theory and technique for integrating into massage or to do basic polarity sessions.
  • *Advanced Polarity Therapy Level 2  **Lev2  ***120  ****Lev1
    Techniques for evaluating and manipulating blocked energy to increase the flow of energy to support the body’s ability to heal itself. Includes craniosacral techniques and exercises to improve perception and intuition.
  • *Advanced Polarity Therapy Level 3  **Lev3  ***120  ****Lev1, APB00
    Advanced A&P, structural release work, and professional development, boundary and ethics as well as advanced evaluation skills.
  • *Advanced Polarity Therapy Level 4  **Lev4  ***120  ****Lev1, ABP00
    Advanced A&P, business skills, marketing, advanced evaluation skills, and more structural release work.

Advanced Polarity Therapy CEU Classes


*Class    **Code    ***Hours    ****Prerequisite

  • *RPP Integration  **INT00  ***4  ****Lev1 + 10 RPP Classes
    Learn to integrate the various techniques into a unified session. May be taken more than once.
  • *In Class Polarity Clinic  **PCL01  ***8  ****Lev1 + 10 RPP classes
    Do full Polarity sessions in a classroom setting with supervision and follow up commentary.
  • *Polarity Yoga Teacher Training & Nutrition  **PYN03  ***36  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-5
    Classes to be taken in order: Polarity Yoga Teacher Training is a set of sim­ple and gentle exercises that are designed and based on the subtle energetic and structural needs of the healthy body. Includes: Instruction on how to do the exer­cises, the underlying theory of how the body re­sponds, and Polarity yoga teacher’s training. Nutrition can be used as a path for healing or as a tool for reaching higher levels of clarity and vitality. Learn the principles of nutrition, cleansing, Ayurvedic constitutional types and how to guide clients through a cleanse. Learn to communi­cate with clients about daily dietary choices and the effects these choices have on their vitality and life force.
  • *Circulation and Heart Resonance  **RPP01  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Dr. Stone’s beautiful heart work is a part of bringing the soul energy into the body. Includes: Resonance of the heart center, heart work, circulation problems, hypertension/hypo­tension, and cerebral-spinal fluid release.
  • *Intuitive Symbolic Interpretation  **RPP02  ***8  ****Lev1
    When the energy runs into a subtle energy block, one well-directed sentence can cause a significant breakthrough. How do you find the right words? Where do they come from? This is a class on conscious channeling with an emphasis on learning to interpret the symbols of the subconscious in the communication process.
  • *Advanced Vitality Balancing  **RPP03  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    “Where thoughts have not concluded their cycle, the experience of discontent is sustained within the physical body.” – Dr. Stone. Opening the vitality pathways releases vital en­ergy. Releasing pent up fire energy from navel simultaneously soothes and relaxes the body. Includes: Umbilical release and motor release, energetic anatomy, diaphragm release.
  • *Advanced Nervous System Balancing  **RPP04  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    This is a profound balancing of the parasympa­thetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Bring­s the life force right into the body. Used as a corrective for deep water imbalances, chronic lumbar problems, and leg problems.
  • *Craniosacral  **RPP05  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    The craniosacral rhythm has been called the healing principle of the body.  This is very flow­ing and intuitive work. Includes: Understanding and recognizing the three body rhythms, principles of craniosacral therapy, diaphragm release and CSF pump.
  • *Advanced Fire Work  **RPP06  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    The diaphragm is the “bridge where the mind and life cross into the emotional” – Dr. Stone. Correcting low vitality, this work plays a major role in the overall health of the individual. Includes: Energetic anatomy, several quick-fire releasing techniques.
  • *Psychosynthesis & Body Awareness  **RPP07  ***8  ****Lev1    A client-centered approach to communications includes how to give your clients tools to hear and understand what their own bodies and nerv­ous systems are telling them.
  • *Advanced Cranial  **RPP08  ***8  ****Lev1
    Occipito-temporal region contact, stretching and opening the foramen magnum, techniques for cranial sore spots, gas related headaches, eyestrain, hearing and balancing en­ergy currents of the body
  • *Invoking the Empowered Self  **RPP09  ***8  ****Lev1
    All events that lead to the crisis can be viewed as the key to opening the door to a deeper under­standing of who we are. We can awaken a deeper understanding of who we are through exploring and bringing to completion of the disempowered and unhealed aspects of ourselves.  We will look at mythology and the use of inner child work to facilitate the highest healing of our authentic selves.
  • *Color Therapy  **RPP10  ***8    ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Color and light are powerful healing tools and the study of it will deepen your understanding of all aspects of vibrational healing and Polarity.
  • *Sacral and Sacroiliac 1  **RPP11  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    “All the vital impulses of motor energy which the soul or being brings with it in this life em­bodiment on this earth is lodged in the sacrum of that being. The sacrum ticks these off as a vi­tal measuring stick at the end of travel of the cerebral impulses in the head, very much like the works in a clock.” Dr. Stone.
  • *Sacral and Sacroiliac 2  **RPP11A  ***8  ****RPP11
    The ancients used to call the sacrum “the sacred bone.” This work is very useful in a Polarity session.
  • *Advanced Chakra and Energetic Anatomy  **RPP12  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    This is the next level of chakra system repair. In­cludes: The repair of closed, congested, torn, blown out, ripped or damaged chakras, the root, and the screens.
  • *Advanced Spinal and Client Evaluation  **RPP13  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    “The Countryside Technique,” a quick seated technique to open spine and back. This work will deepen your understanding of the spine. Includes: “Countryside Technique” assessment of a client’s vitality through pulse, tongue and facial diagnosis.
  • *Sound Therapy  **RPP14  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Sound is a fundamental property of structural or­ganization and the connection with the life force. Learn to listen to the inner ear and how to use your voice and other sounds to move energy.
  • *Cycles of  Transformation  **RPP15  ***8  ****Lev1
    This is an exploration of several models of cycles which can be used to guide us through the process of transformation.  You will learn how to support your clients through transitions, bringing awareness to the process in a way that honors each step.
  • *Advanced Aura and Energetic Anatomy  **RPP16  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Includes: Clearing numerous auric problems in­cluding spikes, protrusions, etc. chelation. Ida and Pingala energy patterns and back chakras.
  • *Advanced Polarity Bodywork  **RPP17  ***8  ****Level 1, Polarity 1-7
    Includes: Quick reflexes to release pains in legs, muscles in back, stomach and abdominal prob­lems.
  • *Polarity Theory and Exploration  **RPP18  ***8  ****Lev1
    Polarity Therapy theory evolved from Ayurvedic medicine and is confirmed by quantum physics.  This course delves into the full theory of Polarity Therapy as presented by Dr. Stone.  It is the scientific explanation of how Polarity Therapy really works and why this profound work is so effective.
  • *Energy Field Reading  **RPP19  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Learn to read the signals of your client’s life force or consciousness through the physical body and to facilitate the decision-making process. Includes: Identifying client’s place in the cycles of transformation and giving tools to communi­cate and empower the client with this information.
  • *Polarity Realization Distance Healing  **RPP20  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    Distance healing is a very useful tool to aid cli­ents between sessions and to increase your own energetic polarity skills. These powerful tech­niques, developed at the institute, are based on the advanced energetic concepts as taught in RYSE®.
  • *Hips & Pelvic Alignment &  Polarity Bodywork  **RPP21  ***8  ****Lev1, Polarity 1-4
    The hips and pelvic alignment form the base of our body’s geometry and play a major role in our overall alignment.  This work carries many profound results to the energetic realm.