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"This school has changed my life. I have gotten to work with so many amazing and beautiful people. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to study here."
Ben Hersey
, Polarity

"This program has truly changed my life and my outlook. I have transformed into someone completely different and although the road was challenging it was worth it. Mentally I'm no longer depressed and physically I've been inspired to become healthy and lose weight. Things no longer bother me as they once did. I'm able to go through life and enjoy it with ease. I also love the work and feel that every session I do is extremely rewarding Thank you so much."
Amber, Polarity Therapy

"Words are difficult to describe the powerful and profound impact of learning Polarity therapy at Spa Tech Institute. It was an amazing inward journey, in addition to gaining the useful tools to align & balance myself and my clients. Lastly, the wisdom and exceptional instruction combined with the carefully crafted curriculum allowed for anyone of any age to grasp these concepts. My advice, TRY a Polarity session and see your life change beautifully! With gratitude, Carey"
Carey Nielsen, Associate Polarity Program

"Taking the advanced polarity practitioner training at Spa Tech was a great path for me to take at this point in life. Along with learning the skills to help others find balance and harmony in their lives, I have also learned how to create that within myself. Already being an LMT I feel the training will also enhance my massage therapy sessions in an energetic way so my clients feel even safer and cared for during sessions. Being energetically trained is an amazing quality I am happy to say I have obtained at 20 years old."
Caroline, Polarity Therapist

"My experience at Spa Tech has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. As a graduate of both the massage and polarity programs, I have developed much more than basic bodywork skills. Spa Tech teaches the beauty of touch and the value of generosity and kindness through the radiant energy of the staff. The teachers are here to empower you, and when you leave Spa Tech, you will be successful."
Daniel Schmidt, Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy

"Coming to school for polarity and massage at Spa Tech has been for me, the experience of coming home to my Self. My life has evolved in the most joyous and amazing ways thanks to my education and new found confidence in being able to manifest a practice of health and healing. I hold deep gratitude in my heart for the abundance of wisdom the teachers here have shared and for the connection to all of the wonderful people I have met who are also on this similar path."
Lynsey Smith, Polarity Therapy an Massage Therapy

"The RPP program is a journey of transformation. You will grow, expand your beliefs and assist others with their journey through the beauty of your work. You will love what you do and do what you love. Come and experience the pure joy that is polarity. With love and light....!"
Marisa Hikel, Polarity Therapy

"Going through the RPP Program was so unbelievably transformational. I've not only received the education to be a great Polarity Therapist but also learned so many tools for my own strength, growth, and alignment. I know how to keep myself in tip-top shape so that I can give my clients the highest quality care."
Melinda Wilkins, Polarity Therapy

"The RPP program brought my polarity to a whole new level. I have attracted so many new clients and have been able to help them at deeper levels than I thought possible. The program has also enriched my own inner spirit and relationship with myself and my relationships."
Melissa, Advanced Polarity Program

"I walked into Spa Tech and realized this was the door in my life waiting to be opened and what an amazing door it is. Polarity Therapy changed my life! I'm so excited to bring this beautiful therapy out into the world to share."
Mollie Hammond, Polarity Therapy

"I have been learning about energy work for 17 years and I am grateful to Spa Tech Institute for giving me all the tools I need to succeed in my own private practice. Thank you!"
Patricia Kidder, Polarity Therapy

"I enjoyed my journey at Spa Tech. The teachers, staff, and material helped me with my process along my journey. It is a journey that will stay with me for life. The skill sets and new thought pattern will help me throughout life which I have learned at Spa Tech. Thank you all for your support!"
Sarah Muto, Polarity Therapy

"Spa Tech has opened up many opportunities in my life, professionally and personally. I feel confident in the work I am bringing to people and cannot wait to show the world what I can do!"
Stephanie Tavares, Polarity Therapy and Massage Therapy

"My experience at Spa Tech has provided me with opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. I could never say enough to get my point across of how superb the teachers are! Truly caring, full of wisdom, knowledgeable and never-ending guidance and support. Thank you!!!"
Terry Smith, Polarity Therapy

"Wow! I always imagined I'd be taking the registered polarity practitioner training at Spa Tech Institute some day and today is the very last day of our time together. Spa Tech and this RPP program have given me the training, practice, and confidence need to become a good polarity practitioner. The instructors are amazing and the staffs are wonderful to work with, friendly and approachable. I've loved my days here at Spa Tech and will carry all of my experience in my heart for days to come. Thank you!"
Sue Leonard

"Before coming to school here I didn't know what I wanted to be. I struggled with finding a career that best suits my interests and I truly believe that I found something I love. The instructors here are a huge reason for my new outlook on making a career for myself and my classmates are new friends for life. I thank everyone at the school and my classmates for the awesome time, we did it! :)"
Sydney Mewhiney

"My experience at Spa Tech is marked by empowerment, confidence, knowledge, and life-long friendships. This institute has not only given me the skills and techniques for my new field but also impacted my inner self. I am leaving a better person with new friends, new goals and a great education!"
Tara Kilgallen

"Spa Tech was a great experience for me. I learned so much knowledge from great instructors and met so many wonderful people throughout my time here. I'm very happy with the outcome of this program for me and I feel very prepared and ready for my future in esthetics."
Tessa Oldsman

"I had heard Spa Tech had amazing instructors and I believed it but after becoming a student I now have first-hand experience and everyone was right - our teachers truly are knowledgeable, supportive and they walk the talk. Spa Tech teachers are inspirational not just knowledgeable which brought the experience to a whole other level. Thank you for only hiring the best."
Amy Woodson, Polarity

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