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Spa Tech Institute, schools of massage, polarity and aesthetics teaches the vital link between water, health and wellness. At birth the body is up to 79% water and it decreases into old age. As the percentage of water in the body decreases, the body's toxicity increases due to the reduction of flow of vital fluid, the mind is affected as well as most of the rest of the body. Most water is in the cells and are key to good cell function. The amount of water in the body is controlled by hormones but is also the result of the source quality and quantity of hydration, obesity and other factors. Students at the school are taught the importance of hydration and encourage all clients to drink clean, fresh water, fresh natural fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas. Caffeine, alcohol and high fructose corn syrup and sugars and soda all contribute to lowering the percentage of water in the body.

Drinking good sources of water are recommended after massage, polarity or spa sessions to help cleanse the body of toxins and build on the benefits of the therapeutic work. Good hydration will make the skin look younger and the body to function at its optimal levels. It affects the joints, digestion, endocrine system, bones and soft tissue of the body.

There are some interesting ideas around the crystalline structure of water in relation to the source and other influences. There are also studies showing the power of water in the healing process that demonstrated that even having pictures of water would statistically reduce the number of complications after surgery and accelerate the healing process.

Spa Tech Institute water picture for massage, polarity and aesthetics Source: Uploaded by user via Kris on Pinterest

The presence of water in spas and clinics is universal. Having fountains, water views, ponds, pools and pictures as part of a nurturing and healing environment is central to the relaxation response. Water is at the heart of most sanctuaries and is often used in sanctifying ceremonies. This is no coincidence when you consider the amount of water that's in the body.

In many ways, we are walking parts of the ocean. We have found a way to carry the life giving fluid of the earth within us. We spend the first 9 months of life floating in water. Water is life. The fastest path to death is dehydration as anyone in a dry climate can attest to. Staying hydrated is extremely important, not only when it's hot but when it's cold as well.

Water in Your Spa or Clinic

As you create your healing space, always look for opportunities to introduce water in as many ways as possible. The calming effect helps clients to relax into their massage, polarity or aesthetics session and let go of the tension of the day, even before the session starts.

Remember to pay attention to how water is presented. If it is noisy or to active, it can be less relaxing or even distracting. Additionally, if it is dirty or murky, has a chemical look or smell, or is spilling and creating slippery, moldy or mildewy places, the effect is counterproductive. Keep your eyes open as you visit spas, resorts, and other places to get ideas for how you will create your water-scaping. Whether it's outside near the entrance, a zen garden, fountains, pictures or pools, water can be a great addition.

And also work plenty of hydration points throughout your space. Think about the quality of the water or juices available. One great example I saw was in Avon, CO where the hotel had glass urns filled with ice and sliced lemons. I don't know if the water was filtered but the lemons added an important subtle shift in the water so it was always refreshing. There were always plenty of cups so it was easy for people to help themselves.

So have fun, get creative and keep your eyes open for ways to use water to make your spa, salon or sanctuary healthier and more attractive.



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