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Whether it's an employee who doesn't get it, a client who misses appointments or a squeaky massage table, if you tolerate it, it will persist.

Nothing is going to change.

And quite probably, it will drive you crazy. And here is a horrible truth: It is a reflection of you. You will get what you expect. You will also have what you will tolerate. Eventually you will reach the tipping point where you can no longer tolerate something that isn't working. Here's where the challenge really begins. The first impulse is to blow it up, destroy it or get rid of it in some way that often lacks finesse. You probably won't try to change it until you are totally fed up and can't stand it any more. And you will most likely be very angry and agitated when you finally stop tolerating something that has gone on for a long time.


Before you do anything else, stop and take a breath. Don't leave dead bodies or destruction. Here's the more constructive way to deal with it.
  • First understand why YOU have tolerated whatever is bothering you.
  • Then understand why you didn't address it sooner. This is the true source of your anger.
  • Now determine if it's a system problem or a personnel problem. This is key. Most problems, whether it's communications, logistics or structural, is actually a systems problem. For instance, if a person is constantly missing appointments, evaluate your confirmation system to see if it's covering all the bases. If it's malfunctioning equipment, is your system for reporting malfunctions and getting them fixed functioning properly?
  • Work to fix the system first. If the problem persists, check to see if there is still a problem in the system.
  • Is your internal education system functioning properly? That is often the source of employee problems. Do you have a functional mission and vision statement that supports your business model? Do you have published values that all employees are trained to follow? Do you have a system that all employees know how to use to find information they need?
  • Is your client education system functioning properly? Same issue.
  • If the systems are robust and functioning, then it's time to examine if the right people are using the system. If someone is not capable of using the system, then you have to evaluate if they belong in your organization. This applies to employees as well as clients. If they can't master the systems you have, it creates stress in their lives and they will be much happier not being part of your system.
Now you are ready to address the issue with love, kindness and respect. As a professional, whether you own, manage or work at a business, this is how you can make constant improvements while creating good karma and improving the reputation of your organization. Keep up the good work and continue to make the world a better place. Kris Stecker, President Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Polarity, Cosmetology and Aesthetics http://spatech.edu p.s. You can also apply these concepts to your personal life. Friends, family and particularly children, can benefit from having good systems so they know the boundaries and can communicate more effectively.

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