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Leyea RisleyLeyea Risley is Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Level 3 RYSE Practitioner and instructor at Spa Tech Institute. During her formative years, her mother, Nancy Risley, was growing Polarity Realization Institute (now Spa Tech Institute), developing the RYSE Tools for Life program to help clients and others manage their own energy systems and creating the BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner) Program. Leyea was truly submerged in Polarity therapy throughout her childhood.


Fast forward to the year 2000 when Leyea attended Marlboro College in Vermont and later graduated with a degree in Dance Movement Therapy, a form of psychology where clients danced for emotional health. While in college, she took Level 1 of polarity at Polarity Realization Institute and finished her training of Levels 2-4 after college. Leyea also graduated from the Polarity Realization Institute’s massage program and RYSE teacher training.

Leyea RisleyAttending Spa Tech Institute, “I was constantly being inspired to go the next level. This was an amazing process and changed me in significant ways,” says Leyea. “I originally wanted to become a midwife however after attending Spa Tech Institute I realized that I could be spiritual midwife and help people birth the next level of themselves! It’s truly an ongoing, rewarding experience!”

In addition to teaching Polarity Therapy and RYSE, she also teaches RYSE UP! which is an individual clearing session held in a group setting. This hour long deep clearing session is for anyone who has taken the RYSE 1-4 classes and wants to get the enhanced results RYSE offers. “I advise current and prospective students to follow their heart, take risks and follow their dreams,” says Leyea.

Leyea has had a private Polarity Therapy practice for 15 years. Her practice consists of both in-person and distance sessions specializing in working with adults, children and pets.

Leyea shares how she has maintained and continued to grow her practice, “My Polarity Therapy and RYSE teacher training education has taught me to hold energy, vitality and strength and offer the best possible session. It gave me the tools to remain energized after seeing clients.”

One client, Anne Rockwell, Aesthetician states, “Sessions with Leyea are like sitting in paradise with your highest self. It’s truly where love and magic meet.” “

As a fellow colleague in the Polarity Therapy and RYSE field, I am very particular about who I have sessions with. Leyea combines her lifelong knowledge of energy awareness, heart centered nature, intuitive skills and practical application to meet the unique needs of each client. I so look forward to my sessions with her, and the next level of my own energy system balance!" Sheila Thomson, BCPP Owner of True Essence Healing, Newburyport “

Leyea’s sessions embody the highest form of Polarity Therapy and RYSE to elicit deep and lasting results. So much happens quickly in every session. I’m impressed.” Nancy Risley, BCPP, founder Polarity Realization Institute, Spa Tech Institute, author of RYSE Tools for Life and 28 workbooks including five Polarity workbooks.

Leyea lives and practices in Ipswich, MA drawing in-person clients from a 60 mile radius and distance clients nationwide. Leyea has built her client base by word of mouth and her teaching connections. Leyea can be reached by phone or text to schedule your in-person or distance session - 978-675-5167.

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Ipswich, MA | phone - 978-356-0414
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