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Georgieanna BouchardGeorgieanna Bouchard knew from an early age about energetic healing. She was first introduced to energy when she was a young girl watching a movie in which a person would touch an injured person and take on their pain. She thought how wonderful it would be to be able to touch and heal.

Her life took her elsewhere when she opened a limousine company in Salisbury with her husband and worked there for twenty years. She was fully immersed in the company and worked answering phones, driving the limousines and doing paperwork. She ended up getting a divorce and moving to New York to work in an advertising agency where they did everything from business cards to displays to ad campaigns. Even though she was good at it, she got tired quickly of living someone else’s dream.

Georgieanna BouchardShe then did some soul searching and realized she wanted to wake up every day and be happy and love what she was doing. She walked away from her career and decided to put herself first. Georgieanna remembers thinking she always wanted to work with energy, with anatomy and to make people feel better. She was fascinated with meridian and acupressure points as well as massage and healing energy. Her quest to find a school that would teach her what she needed to know led her to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich. She quit her job, moved to Ipswich to enroll in the Holistic Massage ProgramSpa Tech Institute offered and lived off of savings. The holistic program taught her massage as well as polarity and the need for balance in everything you do in life.

Georgieanna felt right at home and describes Spa Tech Institute as not only a great learning institute, but a community of absolutely amazing people where she got a great education and received so much support from the staff and her teachers. She enjoyed her time at school and loved completing the program and graduating in 2016. The first step to a new career and new beginning were behind her and now she had to go out and apply what she learned.

Her eyes light up when she talks about her passion for energy knowledge and massage and what she can do for her clients. It is all about listening to the client’s needs and incorporating her energy work into the massage. Her satisfaction is when a client comes off the massage table and feels great.

While she was in school she worked on her confidence and believed the universe gave her what she needed to get through school and to become the professional she is today.As soon as Georgieanna graduated, she opened her own practice, Essential Balance. She shares space, in Ipswich, with fellow graduate, Jess Mallette who opened Hara Therapeutic Massage and Wellness and in Salisbury with her friend and Spa Tech Institute grad, Eileen Modricker. Georgieanna hopes to complete the full polarity training program Spa Tech Institute offers in the future.

Georgieanna joined the Newburyport BNI which is a referral network. She also is on the web, passes out brochures and business cards and does chair massage to corporate clients to build her business. She advises anyone who wants to open their own business to set realistic goals.

She is currently accepting new clients in Salisbury at 141 Bridge Road or in Ipswich at 55 Market Street. She can be reached at 978-365-0282.

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