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Barbara HubbardBarbara Hubbard has been a massage therapist since 1980. She became interested in massage after she enrolled in a chiropractic class at North Shore Community College and found her way to massage therapy. She always loved the benefits of receiving massage and realized giving massages and making people feel better was going to be very rewarding.

Barbara began her massage career working in a chiropractor’s office but was slowly growing her own business. After 10 years, she opened her own space in Reading called Massage Therapy of Reading. In 2006 Barbara began to work at Spa Tech Institute as an instructor teaching Swedish massage, deep tissue, chair massage, sports massage and business classes. Barbara had always been interested in energy work. She took a course in Reiki many years back and decided to enroll in the polarity program at Spa Tech Institute. She began taking Level 1 in Ipswich in 2014 and quickly realized she wanted to finish the 660-hour career program. She traveled to Spa Tech Institute’s Maine campus to finish Levels 2 through 4. She also took the RYSE teacher training classes to keep building her knowledgebase and deepen her understanding of energy.

Barbara HubbardBarbara says of her training, “I grew and changed personally and professionally. I am more aligned and creative”. She commented that the classes were challenging but rewarding. “The instructors were great. I felt a great rapport with them and with the students. I loved learning about crystals, color and sound therapy and the cranial sacral work”. Barbara graduated in 2015 from the polarity program.

Barbara began teaching polarity here at Spa Tech Institute in 2016 and feels she gains more depth of knowledge and insight of energy with each class. Her past student Georgieanna says, “Barbara was a great teacher! Very observant of the little details that matter, with a manner of bringing your awareness to the details in the most loving way. I always looked forward to Barbara's classes because I knew they would be balanced....with learning and fun. I knew she would have a way of helping me to understand this new language and guide me gently through the path of discovery.”

Nicole Rinaldi, Director of Education at Spa Tech Institute says, “Barbara has been a colleague of mine for the past 7 1/2 years. She is someone who brings a lot of energy and excitement into every class. She is constantly bringing in the latest and greatest ‘tools of the trade’ for students to test out to further engage the students and show them how vast our industry is. She is someone with a lot of experience and knowledge in this industry and is an essential part or our team.”

In conjunction with her space in Reading, Barbara also rents space from an acupuncturist in Marblehead. Her clients enjoy getting massage but with the addition of polarity, Barbara can provide a much deeper relaxation.

Barbara’s client Michael Collins says of her, “In my opinion, Barbara is a gifted practitioner. She possesses healing qualities that I cannot even pretend to understand. I sincerely believe that my quality of life will continue to improve under her care.”

You can book a polarity or massage session with Barbara by calling 781-944-7877.

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