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tricia casale novemberTricia Casale began her career working as a physical therapist assistant. She worked for 5 years at Lenox Hill, North Shore Consortium and New England Rehab. She then spent 10 years at the Beverly School for the Deaf. She decided she wanted to become a massage therapist and specialize in myofascial release which focuses on relieving pain and discomfort in the body’s connective tissue also known as fascia. She lives in Beverly and the choice was made to come to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich.

While at Spa Tech Institute she commented that she enjoyed the hands-on work but especially liked the anatomy and kinesiology. She comments, “Chelsea Watt was a great teacher that made it fun.” She had taken anatomy in the past but felt she needed a refresher. She really enjoyed the myofascial release training and knew right away that was what her focus would be.

tricia casale novemberAfter graduating in 2015 from the Therapeutic Massage program, Tricia spent an additional 200 hours training with John F. Barnes, a myofascial expert who has been training therapists for over 45 years, to deepen her knowledge of this gentle treatment. She says that more people are aware of myofascial release and are requesting it over deep tissue. She has also taken cupping which is an effective method to provide deep tissue massage. Cupping draws circulation into a specific area helping to relieve knots and discomfort in that area. Although myofascial release and therapeutic massage are her focus she is starting to learn more about crystals and energy healing.

Tricia markets herself through the Beverly BNI which is a business network that connects her to other professionals. She also posts on social media, does direct mailing and email, volunteers at health fairs and, of course, word of mouth.

Advice Tricia gives to new students is, “Take advantage of all the hands-on work at Spa Tech Institute. Just jump right in, don’t be afraid.”

Tricia lives in Beverly with her husband and has two daughters.

Tricia’s business is called TRISH which stands for therapeutic, relaxation, inspiring self-healing. She is busy but is accepting new clients. Her office is located at the Parkhurst Building at Beverly Hospital. She can be reached at 508-932-2775

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