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The Journey to Prosperity Starts Here

The world is an abundant place, waiting to give you what you desire.

Your beliefs and thoughts are the only things preventing you from receiving this abundance. To succeed in anything, you must master prosperous concepts and behaviors. This should be obvious but experience has shown that most people never consider this. They may only be aware of what they lack. But they never consider that the results of their life are a reflection of their inner state or focus.

This is your journey. My job is to give you the best trip-tic or map possible. This includes tips on the route, important steps along the way, where to stop, things to see and how to find what you are looking for.

As with any journey there are always unexpected detours and problems that are not on the map. The key is to learn to enjoy and learn from everything that happens on this journey. Everything that happens is synchronous with your inner development. Pay attention to everything that happens and use everything to advantage to move you forward. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN!

I look forward to guiding you on your journey into prosperity. Your questions and comments are appreciated as you attain a prosperous new future.

Thank you for reading. The more prosperity there is, the more successful everyone will be.


Kris Stecker, President

Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Aesthetics, Polarity and Cosmetology

Massachusetts and Maine

Positive people need to be ready to deal with negative reactions. In fact, one of the most important qualities of successful people is the ability to be resilient and not let negative events or people interfere with reaching positive outcomes. It’s interesting to see how much negativity backlash is generated by a positive statement.

If you are looking to change your life for the better, you may encounter people who react negatively. Hopefully, there are also many positive responses from people who have learned to live with a positive focus. But you will still need to find ways to maintain your positive attitude while negative people attempt to bring you down.

It's very important that you succeed and thrive. The world we live in was created by positive people. It's the only reality that thrives. Negative realities lead only to destruction. Therefore, the world needs your positive energy and accomplishments. So how do you survive in an environment that may have negative energy?

For starters, it's important to understand where the negativity comes from so it doesn't affect you. It's an unfortunate reality that many people focus on bringing others down to make themselves feel better about their failure to achieve. This is called the, "I'm okay, you're not okay" position in transactional analysis. This can be done by blaming others or simply attacking the person who is positive. Anger and hostility are the hallmarks of these attacks.

Learn now, you have to let it roll off your back. You must learn to recognize that it is their limitation that causes them to attack you. I have seen too many people brought down by family, coworkers or people who they thought were their friends, by negative attacks. Dreams are ruined and good people are stuck in the junk that negative people generate. Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up when people told him that his ideas were stupid and wouldn't work. He never gave up. His positive attitude is a big part of the reason that our technology moved forward. The same story happens again and again. Only the people who can stand up for their dreams succeed. It's not a guarantee, but it is a necessary ingredient. So here we are in an exciting time when there is a lot of change happening all at once.

For people who are committed to positive outcomes, this is a great time. For people who are stuck in the past and don't want things to change, this is very difficult. It’s pretty clear that consumerism and greed were running over spiritualism and alignment. But now it is changing and as a result, we have the chance to create an even better future. But the first step is to visualize a positive future. Yes, it’s difficult if you are one of the people who has lost your job and you lack the skills or ambition to change your life for the positive. The history of the world is that some people make things happen, others sit around waiting for things to happen and some people try to prevent things from happening by complaining. Everyone needs to decide for themselves which category they want to be in. It is a choice. Choose wisely.

So do you want to be part of the solution ( a person who is encouraging and helping people to improve their lives)? The choice is yours. When you choose to consider this:

  • It takes just as much energy to put out negative energy as it does to put out positive energy
  • Your immune system will actually be stronger if you put out positive energy
  • You have nothing to lose by putting out positive energy but you have a lot to lose by putting out negative energy

What you set in motion accumulates momentum. The more you do it the more of it you will attract. What do you want to attract? As always my commitment is to help you fulfill your dreams. It is the best way to live your life. Create what you desire. The world needs your creations.


Kris Stecker Spa Tech Institute

This was written in response to a graduate who was learning about finding her first career placement.

Finding and winning your first job in your field requires work and dedication. The universe is going to test your commitment to different degrees depending on who you are and your attitude. We know from experience that who you were as a student is a predictor of your future career success. But we also know, from personal experience as well as from years of helping people realize their dreams, that you can change your future. It depends on you.

A key point of being prosperous is to stay focused on your goals and to not let others discourage you. Most obstacles are not even real but are imagined. Successful people learn to see through or beyond the obstacle to the completion of what they want to accomplish.

The current, mostly imaginary obstacle, is the state of the economy. The media and politicians are generating a lot of fear about the economy. The good news is that it's mostly false. The bad news is it is contributing to hurting the economy.

Don't let the losers crush your dreams! I can guarantee they will try. It's up to you to prevent it from happening. This is actually one of the first and most important obstacles that any person needs to overcome when improving their life. The Dream Crushers are people who are having difficulty being successful so, in turn, they want to make sure that no one else is successful. 

I know it's a cliche but Happy New Year. Really. I hope you have your most amazing year yet. Here's how to make this year amazing. Write down (or video) what you want this year. My preference is written, not typed, as it uses a different part of the brain. But however, you do it, consciously recording what you want is extremely powerful. 

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