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The greatest irony is that the people who need to read this the most are the ones who are least likely to read this blog. However, if you are creating a better life, please share this with those who you want to help.

These are truly amazing times. During the past month of meeting people at Spa Tech Institute  Open Houses and finishing off with the final ARYSE of the year, we are seeing a level of fear, creativity, and manifestation, that goes far beyond anything we can remember.

The causes, reactions, and opportunities are extremely high. What does this mean for you and your prosperity? Everything. To begin with, start by understanding the sources of fear. We are overexposed to every bad thing that happens. Access to news (usually bad news because that's what drives the industry) and the pure saturation and gory details has permeated all aspects of our lives. Most people listen to the radio, watch television and get their news online, both by looking for it and having it pushed through ads and emails. The simple fear of being cut off from the news is horrifying to most people.

What is unprecedented is the range of things to be afraid of. Between the economy, terrorism, and crime, all drivers of political agendas, we are exposed on a global level to things that we would never have known about in the past. But the scope has expanded to other political issues like health, food supply, and the environment. And of course, our most basic fears of inadequacy have seen a new level of commercial exploit with emails, stories and constant advertisements that we need better bodies or body parts, have more hair, drive better cars, and have better sex, just to name a few. With H1N1 we are afraid of going out in the world, being close to other people or of letting our children or ourselves do anything. We are taught to fear the sun, going out at night, traveling, buying food that can kill us, being laid off from our jobs and losing everything, taking out loans to make our lives better and having our identities stolen.

In fact, is there any aspect of our life that is not dominated by fear? FDR said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." But it seems like fear is the predominant theme that most people live by. It's a powerful motivator and everyone from the politicians to the marketing departments know that fear is the best tool they have to control people.

Okay, so we are in a high fear environment. What does it do to us and how can we get beyond it so we are living our lives instead of the lives that others want us to live?

Fear causes multiple reactions. The ones that most people focus on our fight or flight. People become irritable, confrontational or they run away from what they are afraid of. Either reaction can be self-limiting by missing opportunities, burning bridges or blowing up what's already working. But the bigger problem is that it's very different to fight for or run towards what you want instead of only fighting against or running away from something you are afraid of. One is based on love and creativity and the other is based on fear and avoidance. Only one leads you to connect with your source where you manifest what you desire and need.

But the biggest reaction, which is often overlooked, is to freeze. Just like a deer in the headlights, we freeze and are afraid to take action. We can't make decisions which lead to inaction. Our vision or perception is shut down and we can't see opportunities. Rather than perceiving opportunities to grow, change or move forward, we only see the thing we are afraid of. And the next thing we know, our hopes and dreams are road kill on the highway of life.

The other reaction that is also overlooked is the fear of overload or denial. This is when we lose the ability to process any more fear and go into denial that there are dangers. This leads to high-risk behavior that is also self-defeating. Unprotected sex, drug abuse, and binge anything are all related to this pattern. People stop paying attention and shift to a high stimuli experience that blocks out most information, including important guidance and opportunities.

Again, all four of these reactions lead to limiting opportunity and potential disaster. A crisis is a normal outcome and the danger that we have been afraid of has been validated as real. This is a useful learning mechanism in our educational process which keeps us alive, but often we don't learn the correct thing. It reinforces doing the behavior that we are most comfortable rather than seeing how that behavior created the result. Fascinating.

The reason the Open Houses and ARYSE were so interesting now is that most of the people who are attending are the people who are not hooked into limiting patterns by fear. They are the ones who see an opportunity to grow, change and move towards their dreams. It is an exceptional group of people who continue to focus on where they want to be instead of what the situation is forcing them to do. Whether it's people who have been laid off and see it as a wonderful chance to do something that is meaningful and life-affirming or people who are already in the industry and helping people navigate this time of their lives, the ones who are actively growing are changing the world.

They are the example of a successful person who manifests what they want. They are focused on a more perfect life full of the people and experiences they love. But the other really exciting thing is to see how the extreme concentration of bad news is increasing the number of people who are waking up to new concepts and opportunities. It started with a lot of people voting for Hope and Change, much of which has been disappointing. But this has also forced them to become the change that they want to see. They are realizing that the only change that they can truly believe in is the one that happens inside themselves. And they are discovering that the only thing that is real is their connection to source and energy, not the promises that are made by advertisements and politicians.

We are at the dawn of a new awakening. And as energy workers, we are in the position to do more to help more people than ever before. So how is it that some people are able to focus on their dreams while others cannot?

First, and foremost, these people categorically have stronger and more aligned energy systems. Many of them have been focused on their energy practices for many years, whether through meditation, the work they do or how they take care of themselves with regular sessions. With ARYSE it was very clear how the people that are getting regular sessions are in the best shape energetically. Those getting Polarity sessions are stronger. But by far, the strongest group of all has been the people who are giving Polarity sessions. The focus on their mission and the energy flowing through them is amazing. Because they are radiating energy there is very limited opportunity for fear to get in. The more they are doing energy work, the stronger they are.

Second, they often have gone through a time of crisis and broken the pattern of letting fear run their lives. During whatever crisis they experienced, they had a divine moment when they decided to change what they had been doing in the past and move forward into trying a new response to adversity. In the process, they discovered how to recognize their default reaction to fear and to take a more conscious path. It started with one great leap of faith that changed their lives forever. From there they were able to establish new patterns when faced with fear. They have been able to recognize the events that occur but they interpret them differently than the majority of the people. From their foundation of staying focused on their mission, they are able to follow the energy and it leads them an opportunity.

The third is that they have put what they learned into practice. Whether it's getting regular sessions or immersing themselves into doing the work, they have made it happen. They have moved fully into making it an integral part of their life. They don't just talk about it, they actually are doing it. They have made and continue to make the commitment every day. And that makes all the difference. So what have we learned? Basically this. The news and events are useful information. However, the fear generated by the reporting and propaganda are usually detrimental to your success.

As others have shown, it is within your power to change this. By understanding how you react to fear, making the choice to succeed, defining what that means, and taking the leap of faith to move toward what you want instead of away from what you fear, you can change your life and fulfill your dreams. But to succeed you can't just say you are going to do it. You have to commit to it every day. Only the act of focusing on your mission and actually doing what makes you clearer and more aligned can you achieve the shift to a better life. Keep up the good work. It's so exciting to see the great things that are happening.


Kris Stecker 

P.S. What's your story that can help others?

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