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Happy Independence Day! This is a great day to address a vitally important concept. This post may be controversial to some and make perfect sense to others. There is a direct link between independence, accountability and prosperity. Independence is what makes this country successful. Independence drives innovation and invention. To understand why, you need to look at what independence really is and one of the best examples is the bold step taken by the founders of this country.

What did they really demand independence from? Remember, the signers of the Declaration of Independence were all businessmen in one way or another. They were people who were committed to building a successful and prosperous venture. Even though the Declaration of Independence states many important and vital ideals and values, at the core of the issue was independence from the overbearing taxes and interference in the business of the new colonies.

Many of the colonists were upset that the fruit of their hard work was being taken from them to support a government that was domineering and not responsive to their needs. It's important to remember that the predominant reason the majority of people came to the colonies was for the opportunity to create prosperity. Europe was stratified by rules, government and a class system that made it almost impossible for people to create a prosperous future. Their opportunities were so limited that they risked a very dangerous and uncomfortable ocean passage that ended with landing in a wild and untamed location where life was tentative and there were many hazards.

Many died of illness and exhaustion. But they were committed to prosperity. This theme is at the heart of the pioneer life. In fact, the word "pioneer" means to establish oneself in a previously barren area (which could be a place or an area of thinking). In this hostile and dangerous environment innovation was stimulated to the point where the colonies went from survival to early prosperity. When that happened, the English government saw the opportunity to impose taxes and other measures that would redistribute the wealth back to England.

At the same time, the government was out of step with the needs of the colonists. The government kept imposing more restrictions on trade, freedom of expression and many other things that were at the heart of creating prosperity. When the colonists asserted their independence from big government, it was extremely dangerous but also very stimulating.

It was a huge risk that could have crushed our budding prosperity. But more importantly, after independence was achieved, the United States of America was set up to prosper by restricting the central government and leaving the power in the hands of the people. This is changing very rapidly. Which brings me to the point, at last, of the relationship of independence, accountability, and prosperity.

If you look at the rest of the world you will see that with rare exception, the most independent countries are the ones with the highest prosperity. The ones that are heavily controlled or regulated by the government have much lower prosperity. The reason is simple: Innovation flees regulation. And innovation must be present to create prosperity. But why does there seem to be a constant drive towards creating more regulations? Why do governments grow and take over?

There are many reasons but probably the biggest is that independence requires a high level of personal accountability in order to succeed. Accountability is uncomfortable unless people are willing to be responsible for their actions. Most people don't like to be held accountable or take responsibility. It's much easier to make others accountable. It's psychologically safer to have others be responsible. That way if something fails, it's, "Not your fault." And therein lies the problem. In order to be prosperous, you have to be comfortable with failing.

You have to be responsible for all of your actions. You have to be willing to take risks that don't always succeed. And you have to be accountable to yourself for your success and your failure. We are at a historical moment in our destiny. 52% of the voters have signaled that they want the government to be responsible for our prosperity. And the government has taken that permission to create more regulations and redistribution of wealth. Which means that if you want to be prosperous, you will have to work even harder to break free from this mindset and move into a deeply independent consciousness. But not only will you have to break from the mass mind and be independent, but you will have to lead everyone around you to a higher level of accountability and responsibility.

One of the important concepts taught at Spa Tech Institute is that blaming others will never make you successful. The only route to success is to take responsibility and maintain the mindset of a pioneer. Allow your mind to be independent of the groupthink and look for areas that are barren where you can create something new. And practice accountability every day. The more you own the outcomes of your actions, the more prosperous you will become.

In Prosperity,


P.S. I look forward to your comments and questions.

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