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A recent Facebook comment about being laid off stimulated this post. My first reaction is to say: Congratulations. You have graduated from what you were doing and now you have the opportunity to go to your next level. Of course, I seldom say it out loud because most people are not ready to hear it in that way. They are dealing with their anxiety about not knowing what's next. 

It's important to know how to go from loss to prosperity. Whether you do this for yourself or your clients, it's an important skill to master. This creates the foundation of what we do at Spa Tech Institute. As an agent of positive energy (which describes anyone who is working on prosperity) the more you help others to reach their highest potential, the more prosperous you become as well.

For people who are laid off or part of a company that fails, the experience is ultimately a loss or death and follows a predictable emotional pattern. This also applies to all losses: Death, divorce, financial loss, and other similar events. Because it applies to financial loss as well, we are surrounded by a lot of people who are going through this experience now. Even if you did not lose your job, if you had a 401K, property or other investments, you have lost a lot in the last couple of years. The question is: How can you stay positive and focused on the next level of manifestation after this happens?

First, think of this as graduation. It's a completion, not a loss. Many spiritual traditions require new members to give up worldly possession, relationships, and other things. When a person goes into the military, they shave their heads and erase their identity so they can become part of a new culture. This process shakes people up and gives them a chance to change.

Second, whenever there is a loss, most people go through the 5 stages of grieving: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Whether you quit a job or are laid off, graduate from school or move out of a house, be aware that this is a normal process. The more aware of the stage you are in, the faster you can move through it. But how does this fit in with manifesting what you want? It's simple.

The 5 stages are all part of your transformation and evolution. At first, you will be walking around in a daze. Then you will move on to being mad, etc. Ultimately, it's our resistance to change at the heart of the struggle. Once we accept change we can move on to creating what we want in the world. If we are able to treat all change as graduation from one state and an opportunity to start something new, we can look at the situation as a positive event. It may take a while to get to that view but the faster we can move into it, the less likely we are to get stuck in one of the 5 stages of grieving.

One of the other great benefits of loss and the 5 stages of grieving is that it gives you a chance to identify what really matters. Most people eventually discover (after they have moved on to their next opportunities) that they really needed the change and were tired or bored with what they were doing. I think that people are far more powerful than they realize in creating the changes they need in their lives.

For instance, ask yourself, were you getting up every morning looking forward to going to work or were you dreading it. Did you look forward to the weekend and vacations more than Monday mornings? What does that tell you? So as you look at your situation, pay attention to what your inner voice is saying. Many people I know, even the ones who say they love their work, really mean that it is the best job that they can allow themselves to have. In other words, they love their job more than other jobs, but they don't really love what they do.

Again, the proof is in looking at what days you look forward to the most: Days off or days at work. At this point, you may be wondering what I'm smoking. Of course, nothing but energy. When you really love what you do you have a deep passion for it that fills your imagination and inspires you to contribute. Finding what you really love is the surest path to bliss and excellent health. It also gives you the prosperity that you deserve. I know from personal experience. I have had good jobs that I did not look forward to going to. And I have also found what I love to do. It is very different. I'm also surrounded by a lot of people who either already are doing what they love or are learning to do what they love. There is nothing that makes life exciting as doing what you are meant to do. Every day is an adventure.

Be well and prosper,


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