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The first part of attaining prosperity is defining what it is. This is an exciting step that is at the core of creating a great new future. So what is prosperity?

It's much more than having a lot of money or possessions. In fact, possessions can lead to the oposite of prosperity as the weight of maintaining and storing too many possessions can lead to a loss of prosperity. Likewise, depending on your relationship with money, having a lot of it can lead to a loss of prosperity in a larger sense.

Oh Yeah, Right!!! I can hear you saying. Follow the journey to prosperity and you will see what I mean. Any journey requires defining where you are on the map and where you want to go.

My definition of prosperity is: Having an abundance of what you need to fulfill your spiritual destiny. Spiritual destiny? What does that mean? This is where it becomes challenging since everyone has a different idea of what the words Spiritual and Destiny mean.

My definition of Spiritual is: The convergence of knowing, thought and intention in a harmonious state of being.

My definition of Destiny is: The completion of attaining your highest potential.

Okay, so what is Highest Potential? The state of being completely connected with Source. Watch carefully. This is where the action is. Being "connected with source" is the great elusive goal that has perplexed spiritual leaders forever. How to explain this phenomenon is the great challenge. Whether through parables, science, literature, music, art, dance or religion, people have tried to explain this concept with varying degrees of success.

For me, as a polarity therapist, energy worker and sound healer with a background in software engineering and other experiences (and that's all I'm going to say about 1970 to 1985) I have developed another way of viewing this challenge and will attempt to communicate it. If it resonates, great. If not, that's good too. Like Thomas Edison creating the first light bulb, with every attempt that you find doesn't work, you will be one step closer to finding the one that will work.

In the next posts we will learn more about "source" and how to connect to it.

I look forward to your feedback and questions. 


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