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"Actions are more important than words. But energy is more important than actions." Ananda, Age 4

She meant every word of it. She is building her understanding of her world. It was unsolicited advice during a walk on the beach. How wise. And yet, aren't we born knowing everything and we lose our connection with the truth of life as we learn more information and facts? This seems to be the pattern. We are connected with our source at birth and as we use language to categorize our world and develop personality from the influence of others around us, we lose our connection with source.

We lose the most precious thing we have. It's where the ability to manifest what we want comes from. But why do we do this? It appears to be the human condition. We work to simplify our understanding of the world by naming and categorizing everything in it. And yet every time we name something, we limit it. And this process continues throughout our education and socialization process. It's all part of a bigger push to make us all fit together in a social fabric. And the irony is that the more we attempt to simplify our understanding of the world, the more complex and convoluted it becomes.

Understanding this is at the start of recovering your prosperous nature again. The path requires letting go of the naming and categorization so you can make your mind clear and open again. It's in the open and clear state that you can receive the creativity, inspiration, and knowledge that you need to manifest your full potential.

Listen: Listen to the sun rise and set, listen to the stars at night and listen to the breath moving in and out of your body. Be still and listen and suddenly your inner messages become easier to hear. Listen for the simple truth that resides within you. That is your strength. The sound of your soul. It can be trusted beyond all other voices. The first voice you will hear is your mind. It will be trying desperately to stay in control of your life. Listen but do not be fooled. Keep listening until it gets tired and fades away. Get a Polarity session. Take a very long walk. Keep listening all the time.

Eventually, you will start to hear your true inner voice that comes from your source. It's very different. It's not urgent or frenetic. There's no fear or confusion. It's calm, clear and the most beautiful sound you will ever hear. This is the sound of your energy.

Align with this sound. You were born to be prosperous. There is unlimited energy available to you when the channels are open. This is the precursor to all action. Action will evolve harmoniously from your connection with energy. Staying connected with the energy while you act is vitally important. One creates the other.

The results flow from the harmonious manifestation of source energy into action. As we approach the final opening of the expansive cycle (June 21st) we are moving into the manifestation (harvest) part of the cycle. Harness this peak energy moment over the next 2 weeks and you can move farther and faster on your path than at any time before. Focus on connecting with source energy now and see how it transforms your life. This is the essence of your prosperity. Enjoy it. Live it. Make it a full-time part of you. This is the gift.



P.S. Your comments are greatly appreciated and a source of future posts. Thank you.

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