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The Summer Solstice is a pivotal energy shift that can be used to increase your prosperity. The key is to be conscious of the shift and position your energy to benefit from the shift. This is the completion of the expansion cycle and the beginning of the contraction cycle. The expansion started with the Winter Solstice around December 21st.

 It was when the energy shifted from collecting energy into setting up the patterns for what you wanted to manifest in the next cycle. It was a good time to set goals for the next six months of transformation and manifestation. Think of the goals as the seeds of your future which used the cycle of expansion to sprout and grow. Now you are at the completion of the cycle of germination and growth and are moving into the collection of the results of the expansion. It is a time to focus first, foremost and constantly on gratitude. Gratitude is the magnet that prepares your energy for receiving everything that is coming to you.

The most powerful position is to be open to receive the Divine gifts of transformation that you have initiated coming to you. This only can happen if you are open to receiving. Gratitude is the antenna that allows you to get good reception. It's important to recognize the scope of what you are about to receive to maximize the benefits and abundance. Remember that you are a work in progress that is constantly being transformed.

The core of your transformation comes from what you receive in energy, lessons, connections, and support. Be aware and grateful for all of these areas. Objects and possessions are at the end of the list and of the lowest value so do not let that be the focus of your gratitude. There is nothing wrong with objects, it's just that too many people focus on objects and miss the amazing abundance that is coming to them all the time.

When the focus is on objects it can block the reception of all of the other great abundance that comes to you. A great tool for expanding your reception is to journal. Every day write down all that has come into your life. This includes experiences and lessons that you may not understand as being what you wanted but ultimately, if they come to you there is a reason.

By capturing the information in your journal, it gives you time to reflect on it and use the information in the future. Have gratitude as you record each new manifestation. Meditate on it and receive it into you. Feel the joy of receiving a gift, especially if it is something that you don't understand or think you didn't want. Often the challenging events or energies are the most precious for moving you forward on your path.

During the collection and reception phase, the energy cycle is also contracting or pulling more deeply inside. Since the Summer Solstice is the peak openness it is a great time to feel yourself absorb the bounty at the highest rate. As the season progresses into Autumn and Winter, the rate of reception reduces but the intensity of what you have within you increases. As the contraction tightens is the time to use all of the energy, experiences, and events that you have been harvesting all summer and use it to transform yourself to the core in preparation for the next cycle of expansion and growth.

Getting the Most Out of the Solstice

  1. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and feel all the light you can, expanding into your being. You can breathe in more light and energy today than any other day of the year. This is the peak expansion moment.
  2. Lock in your reception mode by starting a new journal for the new cycle. Buy a notebook and start it today. The more you use it, the better the results.
  3. Take time to do a gratitude meditation, preferably with like-minded people who understand the power of the Solstice. The more gratitude you can collectively focus on, the more you will all attract to yourself. Give thanks for the opportunity to grow and ask that you may have an abundance of what you need to continue to transform yourself and that it comes to you in the most harmonious and easy way.

By making this part of your daily reality, you will experience the coming cycle of transformation on a very profound and perpetual level. Repetition is key to gaining the benefits of the cycles. Constant focus is the key. If you have ever studied a guru, saint, master or teacher who is enlightened, you will see that the only difference between you and them is that they have mastered focusing on the Divine every moment of the day and night. The more they focused on the Divine, the more exulted their state. The key is to create an environment that will keep you focused on receiving the abundance of the Divine. To celebrate the Summer Solstice and use the energy to receive the abundance you deserve.



P.S. What are you going to do to receive your abundance?

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