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Recently one of our students who is dedicated to being an incredible healer was looking to find ways to pay for a course she wanted but felt that she lacked the resources. As part of it she was looking for "odd jobs" that she might be able to do to help raise the money.

My response was: You are too valuable to be doing odd jobs. Manifesting resources to do what you want is an amazing process. Often the opportunities to realize your value are all around you but your perception of what you can do prevents you from perceiving the opportunities.

This is something I have first-hand experience with. It amazes me how easy it is to slip into looking for ways to cut expenses by doing things myself instead of generating wealth through finding and using opportunities. Change your perception of your value and it forces you to see the world in a new way.

In fact, when Nancy created RYSE, this is the truth that emerged out of the process. RYSE 1-4 is all about manifestation. If you want to change your perception, it has to start with the energy system. Until you clear your energy patterns to the point where you can be more fully connected with your source, the harder it is to perceive the opportunities that are all around you.

Once you connect with your source on a more profound level, the more you can see how to channel that energy into creating more of what you want. My recommendation is to do a 30-day challenge. This is a test of your commitment. Can you actually stick to something for 30 days? If you miss a day, you have to start over. Just doing this will change your life. Most people cannot do it.

See how many days you can go doing a simple commitment to your future. Notice when you break that commitment and why. Study your pattern and try again. Once you can make it through all 30 days, celebrate, and set a new short-term commitment goal. Start with a notebook labeled: Thirty Day Challenge.

This is going to be your journal where you track your progress and record your thoughts. They should be thoughts about your challenges with sticking with the commitment as well as things you see that are low or high value. It also can include strategies for doing a more high-value activity and finding ways to eliminate or delegate low-value activities.

For the first 30 day challenge, listen to at least 1 RYSE CD daily and do the exercises. That's all. If you want to kick it up a notch, read at least one of these blog posts a day that has to do with prosperity. This will give you additional information to meditate on. But make the 30-day challenge focus at least on the RYSE CD daily. Sounds easy? Tell me about it when you finish. From my perspective, doing the 30-day challenge with the RYSE CDs will be much more important for your future than doing "odd jobs" to make some extra money.

Here's why. You are an amazing person who has valuable skills. My sense is that you do not perceive yourself as being powerful and having the ability to manifest on a grand scale. What I see is a person who has been taught to not see how incredible you really are. If I could extract my impression of you and inject it into your awareness so it would push your current perception out, your life would be radically transformed.

You need to feed your brain and consciousness with your awesomeness. When you do, and when you use the RYSE CDs daily and meditate on the prosperity blog material, you are going to start to see opportunities that are all around you. You are only seeing trees. It's time to see the forest and the mountains and the oceans and sky. The way that happens is by immersing yourself in a new way of looking at the world. When you do this you will begin to perceive your highest value activities.

For instance, for some people, they may be doing something like scrubbing a floor to save on having someone else do it. Or doing their own bookkeeping rather than paying a professional to do it, again, to save money. But during the time that these low-value tasks are being performed, you could be spending that time marketing your skills or doing sessions that would produce far more income during that time than the expense of paying another person to do something you don't need to do. When your perception changes you will find yourself discovering a lot of "low value" activities that can be done by other people. It all starts within you.

First, you have to see your value and then focus on how to use that value to the fullest. This is not only financially beneficial, but it's also spiritually beneficial. Our spirit thrives when we are contributing our highest and best qualities to the world. Our spirit is diminished by doing things that come from a place of lack or limitation. I look forward to hearing about your success with the 30-day challenge and seeing you manifest more of what you want.

Thank you,


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