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Being clear about what matters to you is very important to manifesting prosperity. I was lucky to become aware of some simple basic values that have served me well over the years.
  • Age 6: There is something called the spirit that is important to understand.
  • Age 14: If you take care of consciousness (awareness), everything else will take care of itself.
  • Age 18: Always be a positive influence in the world.
  • Age 21: You may die at any second. The way to make sure that your last act has integrity is to make sure that everything you do has integrity. (Therefore you must be very present at all times and focused on positive actions/thoughts. There are no do-overs.)
  • Age 25: Be involved with the most advanced and interesting technology that improves the world and people’s lives.
  • Age 33: Learn everything you can about love. (This was an important realization as it prepared me for what followed several days later when I met Nancy Risley.)
  • Age 36: Everything is energy. What you focus on you get more of so Gratitude is the most important focus to cultivate.
  • Age 45: Being mission-driven can be really good and it can also be consuming. Finding the balance is what’s important.
  • Age 50: Live fully and well. (Take good care of your body, mind, and spirit because the healthier you are the more you can experience.)

You are always at an important stage of your life. A lot is happening and it’s hard to know what is real and what is a shadow. For example, right before and shortly after I had the epiphany at age 33 a person kept showing up at very significant times in my life. It was random but it was always at a pivotal relationship commitment moment. We had a very deep connection at a workshop I attended and it was very auspicious the way our orbits intersected at various important times. I was very perplexed by the synchronicity and wondered about the significance.

The question of why this person was appearing in my life at the same time I was falling in love with Nancy created a lot of questions. However, I kept affirming my values and trusted that the right thing would happen. The more I focused on the answer (epiphany) to what my life was about, and the less I focused on the question of why this person kept showing up, the path forward was clear. The relationship with Nancy quickly bloomed into a life-altering experience that continues to transform both of today.

Prosperity is a Constant Opportunity

No matter what happens, there will be many decision points in your life where you don't feel clear. Your life and choices are difficult because of your inherited legacy and the legacy you are creating for your future. It adds a lot to the weight of your process and future choices. Which is why it's critical that you gain as much clarity about your values as possible. It is your best tool for making good life decisions that will support you.

So what are the values that rule your life? Do you know? Do you have clarity? Have you written them down? Do you meditate on it and study your life to see if your life is convergent with your values? Clarity on your values ensures that at the end of your life you will be full and complete.

Kris Stecker

Spa Tech Institute

P.S. The job of your heart is to stay focused on your spiritual journey. The job of your head is to handle the logistics of getting everything you can to support you.

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