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While watching the Rolling Stone's movie, Sweet Summer Sun, the reasons for the success of the Stones over 5 decades was evident. Even though it's clear that the Stones are elderly and not at the top of their game anymore, their ability to deliver an uplifting experience is still there. The voice-over comments by the various band members is the icing on the cake of a show that is fascinating to watch as a musician, performer and mostly as a business owner.

It's important to understand that Mick was a student at the London School of Economics before his music career flourished. As Bette Midler put it, she had the chance to meet Mick and David Bowie and thought they were going to talk about music but the conversation was all about contracts, trucking, human resources, and marketing. But I digress.

The point is that the Stones are by no means the most talented musicians or have the best voices or even the best songs from a composition point of view. The thing that the members understand the core of their being is this: Give the audience what they want!

How the Rolling Stones Succeed

This is on display in the movie as the band, with over 50 years of songs, put their whole concentration on playing the songs the audience wanted to hear, not what they wanted to play. It's important to understand that this can be a hard thing for the creative personality to accomplish as it's easily boring and wants to do new things all the time. So for the band to focus on playing songs they have played thousands of times before and bring to it the attempt to make it, in the words of Keith Richards, "better than ever before," demonstrates their deep commitment to putting the audience first. And you can see this throughout the movie as they dig deep to reach the energy of what they are trying to create even if their playing is not as crisp or versatile as when they were younger.

Mick Jagger also stated that his whole focus is on how to build a crescendo that peaks at the end of the concert and you can watch how he projects that energy into a huge audience. It's truly an amazing performance to study. He focuses on the people. He totally connects with every person he can, both on stage as well as in the audience. He works the energy masterfully. And of course, one of the things that come out the most is this: They love what they are doing.

Now we have no way of knowing that for sure but that is absolutely what they project to the audience. Their support of each other and their focus on working as a team is also an important part of the presentation. Their wisdom about energy is wonderful to absorb.

Success with Your Audience

So how do you apply this to your career and life? It's all about energy and intention.

The movie shows the power of both and gives you a chance to reinforce your commitment to bringing your audience the best experience possible. And what is it that they want? They want you to be ready, full of energy for them, focused on them and what they want you to help them to accomplish. Whether it's a massage, polarity, spa treatment or hairstyle and make-up, they have expectations and it's your job to understand what it is and to deliver it at a high and consistent level with joy and focus.

So if you have time to watch this movie, I highly recommend it. It will get you revved up and fill you with energy that will carry into your professional and personal life. It's time well spent. Enjoy!



P.S. Are there other performances or places that you can share in the comments where you have found similar inspiration? Or is there something you have found that helps you to create the performance that your clients look for? Please share so we may all learn. Thank you.

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