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If you haven't read it yet, Spin Selling is an important book for anyone who is interested in fulfilling their mission. Note that selling and mission are not mutually exclusive. In fact, quite the opposite. You see, when you have a mission it usually involves getting other people to help. Most things of significant value require more than just one person can do by themselves.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a small scale mission like producing something solo but usually, if you want it to go into the world and improve the world you will probably need to involve others. Selling is a fundamental skill. Or a FunDayMental skill? It can be if you let it be. It involves a mystery, action plan, and outcome. It's a puzzle to be solved and when you put all the pieces into place, it's a really great feeling. The more you do it the better you get. And the real beauty is that it will usually contribute to higher levels of prosperity for you and possibly the other people as well.

For instance, if a person needed a better appearance to get a better job but were struggling with seeing the value of upgrading their hair and clothes, they would continue to not get to the next level of success. But if you are a master of selling, you will get them to see the value of everything you suggest and in the end, will feel better about themselves and move to their next level of success.

But what do you need to change to get better at selling? Spin Selling teaches you the mechanics. What follows here is what you have to change inside your head. That's the mental part of FunDayMental.

How Do You Change Your Perception?

Energy precedes form. What we believe we can do tends to be the upper limit. If we believe 3 is the limit, it will likely be 3 or less. If we believe 10 is the limit, we may get to it or a little below. But that's only if we are really honest and ready to do the work.

Here's the challenge: If we feel that the people we have talked to really aren't ready for what we have to offer, there is no reason to expect them to be ready. The only time that changes is when we see differently. I can't stress this enough. People respond to our energy.

When we don't think the market is there, they pick up on it as well. When we perceive what is possible it changes the way we see the world and the way we see them. It's in our voices and the way we talk to them and the energy of the space. It's the difference between being proactive and reactive.

The question, and this is very important to understand, is can you change your perception. Not just tell me what I want to hear but actually change your perception and go to another level. It can happen. This may sound discouraging but it may also seem like an Aha! I don't want to lay a trip on you or make you think you aren't doing your job.

I'm just letting you know that I have seen people walk in and sell things to people when other people were convinced that they weren't ready to buy and had very solid reasons and evidence to back it up. Then the person who could see differently talked to the buyer and something shifted. The person talking to them understands on a profound level how much the buyer needs what they are selling. And from that understanding, they can see the person utilizing what they are selling. And suddenly the other person starts to see it as well. It seems like magic and it is.

This is what Spin Selling is about. You have to understand the need and how it's going to change the person's life and then get them to understand and feel the difference. So see what you can do. Read the book and get the workbook. Practice, a lot. An see how it transforms your life and the lives of the people around you.

Keep up the good work!


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