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Does the equinox matter?

From the perspective of prosperity and energy flows, yes and no. The equinox doesn't carry the same energetic weight as the solstice, but it's good to understand the value of the event. Whereas the shift from the length of the day getting shorter to longer or longer to shorter has a strong influence on our energy flows at the solstice, the equinox is more subtle. 

The solstice has major impacts as you can read about here. The equinox is significant because of the shift that occurs in the rate of change. If you think of the change of seasons like a pendulum in our inner cycle of expansion and contraction, the solstice represents when the pendulum gets to the end of its swing and changes direction.

The equinox is when the pendulum is at the center of the swing and is moving the fastest. Therefore the rate of change has the highest impact at the equinox and it will start to decrease once it passes.

What Does This Mean For You?

Basically, this is when you will either feel the strongest sensation of the contraction or expansion, depending on whether it's the spring or fall. In the fall the contraction cycle, the energy pulling into your core, will be the most pronounced at the equinox. You will often feel yourself wanting to nest, simplify, sleep or rest more and generally finish things you have started.

Completions are important in preparing for the next cycle of creative expansion that begins at the next solstice. It's also a time when you are vulnerable to getting sick if you don't listen to your body's signals to slow down and rest more. In the spring the cycle of expansion is the strongest as you have launched your new initiatives and are growing towards the peak of expansion.

Your energy will be expanding, you will need less sleep and you will awake earlier and stay up later. You will have a desire to get out, start things, move things forward, travel and experience new beginnings. It's a very active time and you typically will have more robust health, although you may also have a higher risk profile from overextending. These feelings will be the strongest at the equinox.

It's a great time to listen to your body to see what you need and to take specific steps to harmonize with the shift. Your ability to work with your cycles consciously ensures the highest opportunity for success. So in the fall, honor the need to rest, relax, nest and get completion and in the spring honor the creative impulse to fully implement the new things you are creating.

By following these subtle impulses you will discover that everything works much better.

Be well!


P.S. If there's anything you do to maximize the value of the seasonal shift, I would love to have you share it. Thank you.

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