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scholershipScholarships and tuition discounts are an important concept in education that recognizes prior training success, expertise and experience. In addition to the ability to successfully 

Graduate Discounts:

Graduates of Spa Tech Institute career programs of 600 hours or more who are in good standing receive a Graudate Discount of 20% off additional training at the school. Check out the CEU discount for details.

Restrictions on Discounts

  • If you are also receiving transfer credit, the discount will be calculated after any credit for waived classes is applied. 
  • If you are a graduate of a Spa Tech Institute career program, you are eligible only for the 20% graduate discount.
  • The discounts will apply to eligible programs. Check with the school for program eligibility as it will vary depending on program and time of year. 

Merit Scholarship

The Merit Scholarship has been a wonderful addition to help people gain more confidence around the flow of their sessions as well as for people who feel like they want a refresher if they took time off and are getting back into their career.

Please review the scholarship for more details and contact the On Site Director or Admissions Representative at your campus to get assistance in moving forward.




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