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Please Note: Botox® and other injection therapies cannot be taught in Aesthetics or Cosmetology programs.

Botox®, Restylane®, and other injection therapies are growing in popularity. As with any new technology, the true test of the results and side effects may take several generations to be fully understood. As has been seen with antibiotics, we are still learning about side effects and problems from administering these wonder drugs too often.

At this time, only medical professionals (MD) or someone working under a medical professional (nurse) are authorized to give injection therapies.

There are several reasons why people who are interested in doing Botox® and other injection therapies are interested in becoming aestheticians.

  1. Botox® and injection training only offers minimal education on the use of the injectable product but does not address skin health, pathology, wellness, and care.

  2. Since the Botox® introduces a level of distress to the skin, it is important to know how to improve skin health and to educate clients on maintenance.

  3. It creates additional business opportunities for Botox® technicians if they also offer skin health and make-up skills   This allows for regular client visits instead of annual client visits.

  4. Additional product sales for aesthetics is an important supplement to an injectable therapies business

  5. Having an aesthetics license increases the Botox® and Restylane® entrepreneurs credibility

  6. Having an aesthetics practice increases your job security and earnings potential

There is nothing more beautiful than healthy, vibrant skin.


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