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Please Note: Laser training taught in Massachusetts Esthetics or Cosmetology programs do not prepare a person to work with lasers under their cosmetology or esthetics license. The esthetics license in the state does not cover laser treatments.

Lasers are evolving quickly and laser treatments are in high demand. That being said, the laser is expensive, the licensing is currently in an underdefined state and the liability and expense is extremely high. In the current environment, many states, including Massachusetts, have specifically forbidden esthetics schools from offering training on lasers and laser hair removal. Schools may provide a demonstration of lasers and laser hair removal, but actual training in lasers and laser hair removal is not approved by the state of Massachusetts.

Laser hair removal and other laser techniques can be practiced by anyone who has been trained in the technique. Some states require the practitioner to be a nurse or doctor while others have no restrictions. For this reason, in many states, anyone who can afford to buy the equipment and pay the liability insurance (which is very high) can do laser hair removal and other procedures.

There are several reasons why people who are interested in doing lasers are also interested in becoming estheticians.

  1. The laser training only offers minimal education on skin health other than as it applies to the use of lasers

  2. Since the laser introduces a level of distress to the skin, it is important to know how to improve the skin health

  3. It creates additional business opportunities for laser technicians if they also offer skin health and make-up skills

  4. Additional product sales for esthetics is an important supplement to a laser business

  5. Since laser technology changes very quickly, there is a constant need to buy new and better equipment

  6. Since anyone who can afford the equipment and training can offer laser treatments (in many states) the competition to attract and retain a clientele becomes very expensive if the only service that is offered is laser treatment

  7. Having an esthetics license increases the laser entrepreneurs credibility

  8. Since lasers have a high liability due to the invasiveness of the procedures, many state boards are considering regulations that may eliminate the ability to offer laser treatment except for doctors and nurses

  9. Having an esthetics practice increases your job security and earnings potential

Future regulations for laser hair removal and other laser procedures are under intense review. It is up to anyone who uses lasers to know the status of the laws in their state. It's important to know that the laws about lasers could change at any time.




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