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Perfect for New Hampshire Licensing and More Versatility

A program that includes Deep Tissue, Sports and Clinical Massage as well as Polarity Therapy and RYSE and meets the New Hampshire license requirements.

For years people have been asking for this program. Now it's here.

This is a holistically oriented massage and bodywork program that gives you a more extensive skill set than is offered in the 650-hour programs that focus only on massage therapy. Graduates of this program have a professional advantage over people who have only studied massage. But the best reason to take it is that you want to have the strongest set of skills possible and the ability to get excellent results.

In the past people would have to graduate from one program and then come back to take the additional information. Now, with the 770-hour program, you can take it all at once.

Program Content

This is our top level massage and bodywork program that combines the most important skills into a unified program. The new 770-hour program includes all the information and techniques of the 650 Hour Therapeutic Massage Career Program with the added benefit of Polarity Therapy and RYSE. This program prepares you for licensing in more states, including New Hampshire, at the same time that it gives you a broader set of skills sought out by spas and healing facilities that demand higher standards. Polarity Therapy is a powerful adjunct to Massage and the skills from RYSE will allow you to reach new levels of clarity and strength.

Includes everything from the 650 Hour Therapeutic Massage Career Program plus:

Polarity Realization Therapy: This powerful new way of working with the healing process allows for faster progress on a number of issues as well as the ability to work with more people and situations. Using Polarity Therapy allows you to work with people at higher levels of sensitivity who are unable to receive typical massage. Additionally, Polarity Therapy opens a wider range of options to help people reach their healing or transformational goals at the same time that it makes every session more interesting and diverse. But the best part is that Polarity sessions are cumulative which allows clients to continually evolve and reach new levels of wellness. This creates a much more successful practice that is more interesting and varied.

RYSE ®1-4 - RYSE® is a 16-hour in-depth sophisticated awareness program for burnout prevention, alignment, and clarity.  The content of RYSE® also gives you an added business skill knowledge base for the creation of a successful practice. RYSE opens the door for perceiving client's issues more clearly, allowing you to design sessions that are more powerful and produce deeper, more long-lasting value. RYSE is also a critical component of supporting you to stay clear and aligned as you see more clients and avoid the pitfall of burnout that many therapists with full practices fall into. It's a life-changing education developed by Nancy Risley, RPP, RPE.

For additional consumer information please visit https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/ and search on this and other schools. 


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