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Student Blog at Spa Tech Institute

Spa Tech Institute students are the single most important factor that makes the school so good. Your dedication and compassion are at the core of the energy that makes learning fun and valuable.

The Student Blog is set up to give you success tips for both your education and your professional life. It's never too soon to start acquiring the knowledge that every professional needs when they enter the field. This blog along with the Prosperity Blog form a foundation of information that will help you achieve your goals. This is knowledge accumulated over several decades of working both as professionals in the field as well as educators. 

If there are any additional topics that you would like added to the blog, please let us know so we can help make this as useful and relevant as possible. 

We hope you can achieve all of your goals, both professionally and personally.


Nancy and Kris

Wow! What an awesome time! I'm very excited about applying the strategies I learned, personally and professionally.

1) My favorite piece came from Rudolph Giuliani. Always anticipate the unanticipated. Wow, how true is that?! Knowing that you'll always be ready for anything that comes your way. I have not got those words out of my mind since, and have already put this into action professionally and personally.

Another short one but also right to the point and on the money. (Editor)

Three things I learned:

1. Work everyday like the day before vacation.

2. Take action--Even if baby steps at the time.

3.Have a plan.

I thought most of the speakers were very good and I have taken something from each of them. It was UNBELIEVABLE.


This is short but it is right on the mark. (Editor)

1) Put people in key positions that they are talented in.

2) Recognize your weakness and get talented people in those departments as well as work on them.

3) Delegate AND verify that the work is being done.

4) Always encourage development and praise it.


1) I learned that the speakers all used techniques in their speeches to establish trust and a sense of ease with the audience before getting into their topics. Usually through humor.

The following struck home for me:

1) No matter the circumstances, remain positive and stay encouraging to yourself and to others. Nothing goes un-noticed, so remain grounded and others will follow your model. Be a good role model, you never know who is looking at you as their mentor.

2) Zig Ziglar was inspiring when it came to yourself as a human. Remain honest with your character, your goals, and your passions; the rest will slide into place and your leadership role will rise to higher levels.

Phil Towne made what I believe was the most important point of the seminar.

There are two steps to success. The first is gaining knowledge. The second is putting it into action.

Gaining knowledge may change us a small amount. But It is acting on the knowledge that requires that we change and grow. This is why many people can take the first step of acquiring knowledge but are unsuccessful because they are unable to make the required changes to put it into action.

Have a plan - This is probably the most significant thing I heard, as I am terrible at planning. Having a plan and visualizing it is part of the process to making your plan become a reality. The small steps you take towards a goal are just as important as the goal itself. Envisioning this plan and taking small steps will help my goals become a reality. Plans are not set in stone; I can change things as I go along.

1. To be successful:

a. Identify your plan/what you want to achieve. Writing it down is extremely helpful.

b. Stay laser focused no matter the obstacles you encounter. You will encounter them. Keep on track.

c. Act as if you already have/own it. Use your senses to make it real. SEE/visualize yourself having it; sense how you FEEL having reached your goal, (feel your excitement, pride, confidence, peace, etc.).

I have to say that the conference was a lot more than I expected. I learned much more than 3 things, but here is what I will share:

This is short, to the point and spot on, By Carol Marvelley. (Editor)

The discussion about leadership made me think about optimism and encouragement. And the line about being calm and resolving problems is perfect. People work hard for leaders with these qualities.


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