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Student Blog at Spa Tech Institute

Spa Tech Institute students are the single most important factor that makes the school so good. Your dedication and compassion are at the core of the energy that makes learning fun and valuable.

The Student Blog is set up to give you success tips for both your education and your professional life. It's never too soon to start acquiring the knowledge that every professional needs when they enter the field. This blog along with the Prosperity Blog form a foundation of information that will help you achieve your goals. This is knowledge accumulated over several decades of working both as professionals in the field as well as educators. 

If there are any additional topics that you would like added to the blog, please let us know so we can help make this as useful and relevant as possible. 

We hope you can achieve all of your goals, both professionally and personally.


Nancy and Kris

Health and Hygiene are important issues for service and personal care professionals. It applies to both your own health and hygiene as well as that of your clients.

As a professional your personal health and hygiene are critical to your success. You are selling the intangible. This means that unlike selling a tangible product like a piece of jewelry or a car, the consumer has no way of seeing what you are selling directly. Therefore, they form their opinion of the quality of your work by their first impression of you.

Flu and Cold Advisory - Tim Starkey, School Nurse

Any season can be Flu and Cold Season.

Please remember that this does NOT need to sweep through the staff, students, and instructors of your sites.

Please make sure to stay on top of hand washing and infection control at all times. Remind each other to wash your hands. During clean up, make sure you are using the disinfectant spray on tables, doorknobs, handles and all equipment and furniture that is touched. Wipe door handles, counters and faucets with disinfectant spray.

Body workers, Cosmetologists and Aestheticians, due to the physical connection with others, can be at risk of spreading infections. As well they can be susceptible to receiving infections from their clients. It is imperative that students and professionals be familiar with basic infection control principles in order to protect themselves and others.

The floor in a treatment area, is always considered a "dirty" surface. Place things like bottles of oil, jars of cream, bolsters, or even linens on the floor is placing them on the dirty surface and thereby contaminating them. Using these items then transfers the the contamination to the practitioners hands and then to the client. At no time should anything that is going to be used in a session be placed on the floor.

Massage therapists Cosmetologists and Aestheticians are not at great risk for occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens. Because of our work with the human body it is important that the basics of the Blood borne Pathogen standard and Universal precautions as set forth by the Center for Disease Control and the Occupational and Safety Health Administration are reviewed and understood.

There may be times when you question if you are in the right program for you and think that by transferring to another program in the school you will be happier. This is usually not a good idea for the following reasons.

Sometimes it may be that there is another issue at play. Talk to your teacher and the Director of Education and tell them you are thinking of transferring and see if they can help you identify any underlying issues that may be causing this desire.

Those with the best attendance are the most successful.

Why? Because the most responsible people are never late or absent. They know how to control time and personal health. They have also mastered personal accountability. These traits make them successful. It also ensures that they have the optimal learning experience because they never fall behind and they build momentum.

Confidentiality is a vital skill that requires constant attention. It is important to recognize that all client, fellow student and staff information should always be treated as confidential information. Key areas of confidentiality are as follows:


  1. Student must obey all rules of personal hygiene and sanitation at all times. Courtesy to staff, fellow students and clients is required at all times.
  2. Students are to wear the appropriate clothing for massage therapy or polarity therapy. This includes appropriate professional attire. Revealing, sheer, see through, dirty, or ragged clothing is not appropriate. Students are to wear nametags at all times.
  3. Students must attend classes regularly and pursue their education diligently.
  4. Smoking is prohibited in the Institute. Consumption of food and drink in the clinical area and classrooms are not permitted.
  5. No gum chewing in the Institute.
  6. Personal telephone calls are not accepted — except emergencies. Messages will be taken at the desk.
  7. Damage to Institute property must be replaced or repaired by the responsible person.
  8. Absence (excused) due to illness must be proven by a physician’s note.
  9. Each student is responsible for his/her own equipment and supplies.
  10. If a student is late or absent, the Institute must be notified by 1 hour after the start of class. Classes cannot be disrupted.
  11. Students are required to keep a record of work done during clock hours.
  12. Students must maintain all financial commitments to the Institute.
  13. Students will be put on 30 days probation, for cosmetology, or to the end of the next module, for bodywork and aesthetics students, if they are in violation of any of the above rules and regulations.

If there are additional violations of these rules during this period, the student will be terminated. If the student completes the probation without additional problems then the student will be returned to good standing until they violate a rule or regulation again.


The school views complaints as an opportunity to improve. As an institution we are open to all feedback from students, staff and customers. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and customer care. To this end, constant evaluation from our constituents is always considered carefully and resolved quickly. Please review the complaint policy from your Orientation Handouts.


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