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Phil Towne made what I believe was the most important point of the seminar.

There are two steps to success. The first is gaining knowledge. The second is putting it into action.

Gaining knowledge may change us a small amount. But It is acting on the knowledge that requires that we change and grow. This is why many people can take the first step of acquiring knowledge but are unsuccessful because they are unable to make the required changes to put it into action.

There are many reasons why people can't change and most of them are based on fear, real or imagined and most of it is imagined. The rest of the workshop was about getting the motivation to overcome the fears that hold us back and when we overcome the fears, how to work effectively to get the best results possible.

Tommy Lasorda, the coach of the Boston Red Sox, talked about how they won the World Series: "They did not concentrate on each game, each inning, or each out. They concentrated on every pitch and every play." That is a winning attitude. It takes tremendous leadership and commitment to keep the attention on the right thing for that long. The way to accomplish that is to prepare, have everyone know what the goals are, have the right people in the right positions and then let them do their job without interference.

Zig Ziglar was phenomenal. His energy at 78 years old is still going strong. His focus on goals, values and discipline are manifest in his actions. He is one of the originals in the industry and his life is a testimony to following what he teaches. His books are readily available.

Mayor Rudi Giuliani and General Tommy Franks were incredible. They exemplify leadership. Clarity, goals, intelligence, consideration, decisiveness, love of people and a sense of humor are all essential. They also demonstrate a high degree of courage when doing what needs to be done in the face of fear. As Rudi put it, brave men and women do not have an absence of fear. They do what needs to be done in spite of their fear. That is what makes what they do so incredible.

Another major key was looking around at the 12,000+ attendees. Most were there because someone, either themselves or an employer, understands that to be great, you need to be exposed to greatness. It is not something we are born with. It is something that we acquire.

The lesson is, attend events and create situations that put you around people that are achievers so you can pick up the skills and the attitudes that lead to success. You can also read books by successful people to prepare you for success. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill is a classic.

The other great thing about all the presenters are their values, sense of mission and ability to act. The lesson is always the same: Know and live by your values, have something that is more important than your personality, and stretch to constantly go to the next level.

I hope everyone who can attend future seminars will make a point of doing so. There is so much to learn and such a shortage of leaders. Humanity needs everyone to step up to the plate and make their contribution.



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