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The following struck home for me:

1) No matter the circumstances, remain positive and stay encouraging to yourself and to others. Nothing goes un-noticed, so remain grounded and others will follow your model. Be a good role model, you never know who is looking at you as their mentor.

2) Zig Ziglar was inspiring when it came to yourself as a human. Remain honest with your character, your goals, and your passions; the rest will slide into place and your leadership role will rise to higher levels.

3)Communication is key on every aspect with each employee. In regards to our particular business this means we all need to be making sure that education, admissions and financial aid are on a communal understanding of files, students, etc. We do this now but since the seminar I see that it is required at all times.

4) To be a leader you need to have courage and heart.

5) Recognize what your weaknesses are and embrace it and change it.

6) If you invest enough money in real estate you wont have to work another day in your life.



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