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1) I learned that the speakers all used techniques in their speeches to establish trust and a sense of ease with the audience before getting into their topics. Usually through humor.

2) This approach continued and, the speakers would also find ways to make themselves identifiable, but not controversial. General Franks, I believe had to walk this the best in order for his messages to get a chance at being heard. He knew where the "hot" spots were going to come up for people in the audience ahead of time, and worked on communicating in a disarming way, he also made sure he was disarming in speaking about himself, and he would use the common thread of being an American in these times as an irrefutable place of common ground between himself and the audience. By preparing for places that the audience might reject his messages, and by working on making himself a likeable figure, he was able to stay on topic, and gave himself as much of an advantage as he could on getting his messages heard.

3) The speakers I heard, all decided for themselves what success was to them, and set goals to achieve that success. They all pointed to mistakes they made along the way, in helping them redefine what was important.

In conclusion: 3 things to work on.

Let some humor in

Find common ground

Recognize mistakes and redefine what is important in keeping with goals

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