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Develop a plan to finish school on time

Set realistic goals for completing your program of study.
-How many months do you plan to spend in school?
-When is your last scheduled class?
-Do you want to finish on time?
-Are you committed to not missing any classes or clinics?
-Are you monitoring any missed classes or lateness and making them up promptly?
-Do you know all the requirements that you need to complete in order to graduate?
-How many hours will you need to complete per module of classes and clinics?
-Have you scheduled adequate outside time for studying, projects, and practice?

Plan your program of study.
-Begin by understanding the program’s curriculum, approaching classes, assignments, and homework.
-Schedule time to read the applicable section of the book prior to the class.
-Determine if you are a full time or part time student.
-Chart your program by tracking your hours completed.
-For massage and polarity students, schedule your CPR and First Aid class at least 4 months before graduation.
-Schedule only what you can realistically handle in your outside life.
-Find people willing to help with practice sessions, studying, and chores. Schedule and utilize these people.
-Use a day planner to schedule your time for classes, clinic, studying, projects, practice, and personal activities.
-Schedule adequate time for studying and time for practice; 8-16 hours per week full time, 4-8 hours per week part time
-Use your scheduler to record clinic dates; about 8 hours per week full time, 4 hours per week part time.

Consult an adviser (Teacher, Education Director).
-Find one right away. They want to help you. That's why they are here.
-Solicit feedback from teachers on areas for improvement after practical areas.
-Prepare in advance for meetings with your adviser, teacher or education director.
-Obtain, read, and keep your school catalog and program schedule
-Don’t rely on students and friends for academic advice. Although talking to senior students or students who are driven to excel
in the program can be helpful. Students who enjoy complaining but do not try to improve things may not be the best person to take advice from.

Keep life simple.
-Over-committing yourself socially and financially takes its toll mentally and physically.
-Learn to say no socially.
-Learn to say no financially.

Stay focused on your educational goal.
-Resist temptations that will distract you from your goal.
-Resist temptations to forgo your scheduled practice or study time.
-Resist temptations to take a “day off” from school.
-Resist temptations to overspend or keep up with others who have more money.
-Resist temptations to use and abuse credit cards.
-Resist temptations to not study and prepare for class.


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