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Identify strategies for making satisfactory progress

Learn and practice classroom success skills.
=Instructors evaluate positively those students who participate in class and demonstrate an interest in the subject.
=Successful students know how to communicate interest, commitment and motivation toward school.
=Ask pertinent questions in class
=Actively answer questions.

=Sit in the front of the room.
=Have the materials you need for class and leave other things in a locker or on storage rack.
=Ask for feedback and areas to improve instead of worrying about the grade.
=Make sure your seat is comfortable with a pillow or blanket if needed.
=Have plenty of water for the classroom.
=Plan healthy snacks for breaks or meals.
=Be in dress code with visible nametag. You want the teacher to see and use your name.
=Always be on time for class and from breaks, ready to start class.
=Strive to be the most committed student you can be and that will translate into habits or success in your new career.
=Remind yourself regularly about your goals and your commitments to achieving them.

Master essential study skills in class.

  • Read notes prior to the class lecture and demo.
  • Take good notes.

Use a highlighter in your book.

During demo write additional comments, phrases or draw pictures to help with retention.

  • Ask the teacher questions.

Ask teacher for help when needed.

Ask for additional tutoring if needed

  • Ask regularly for areas to improve upon instead of focusing on a # grade.
  • Participate actively in class.

Master essential study skills.

  • Schedule a time to study each day and write it into your scheduler or calendar
  • Set up a study environment.
  • Find “study buddies.” Look at who is excelling in class and has a positive attitude.

Find outside study buddies such as family, kids, co-workers, church members, friends.

  • Study harder subjects first. Do not procrastinate.
  • Find the library on campus and use it for additional resources.

Plan to avoid traffic and arrive to school early. While having breakfast or dinner at school you can find “extra” study time.

This decreases the stress of possibly being stuck in traffic.

Learn how to study for and take tests. =Study now, for exams later.
=Do not cram for tests.
=Study each day.
=Check with your instructor for past sample tests.
=Do a search on the internet for sample tests.
=Ask other advanced students who are doing well and have taken the class for tips.
=Ask your instructor or check your textbook for a study guide.
=Make copies of our self assessments prior to doing them for class. These can be used at a later date for studying.
=See if the publisher of your textbook has an online study guide or practice test for the book.
=Study the book and notes, keeping in mind three common types of questions that instructors ask:

Ø      Questions that test your memory.
Ø Questions that test your comprehension.
Ø Questions that test your ability to apply concepts and principles.

Seek help from your instructors.

  • Arrive early or stay late to meet with your instructor.
  • Ask the instructor to set up a meeting before or after a class.
  • Learn your instructor’s name.
  • Find out where your instructor’s office is located.
  • Meet with and get to know your instructors early in program
  • Make certain the instructors see you as a serious student who desires to be a successful professional.
  • Engage in extra-classroom communication.
  • Sit in the front of the room and refrain from conversations with classmates during class that could be saved for break.
  • Take advantage of student/faculty events like outings for chair massage, sports events, or career nights.
  • Attend study sessions.
  • Treat your instructor like you would an employer. Show respect, ask questions and offer to help.

Seek help from your peers.
=Identify other students who are striving for a successful experience and have a positive solution oriented attitude.
=Socialize on breaks with students who maintain a positive solution oriented attitude.
=During practice times, work on a variety of students and be very professional.
=Ask more senior students for tips about being successful with studies.


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