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Like it or not, your appearance has a huge impact on your success. The cliché that, "You only get one chance to make a good first impression" is even more important in the industries of beauty and health than in almost any other profession other than sales (and let's face it, whether you are a realtor or a parent trying to get your kids to do something, we are all in sales on one level or another).

So why does it matter?

You are a walking advertisement for what you do. In cosmetology and aesthetics it should be obvious that how you look shows your standards of appearance. If you fabulous, your new clients will see the possibility that you can make them look great as well. In bodywork it is more subtle. Studies have found that healthy people are more attractive. If your appearance is tired or sloppy, the subconscious message is that you are not as healthy. Since you are selling the intangible (something that the client cannot actually see or touch) the new client's impression of the quality of your work will be based on how you and your work space appear.

You are constantly meeting new clients for the first time. This should be happening daily. It should be happening every time you leave the house. You need to make sure your appearance says, "I am a professional with high standards." Then when you start a conversation with someone at the grocery store or gym (and give them a business card) they will have the impression of a well put together, healthy and attractive person. You become the standard that they would like to achieve in their life.

You are selling the intangible. I know I'm mentioning this again. This is incredibly important. unlike a car or clothing that you can see and touch, the quality of service cannot be previewed. Until your clients are confident in your work quality, they project the quality of what you do from your appearance and your work space.

When you look good, you feel good. It is a fact. When you have higher self esteem you are more likely to talk to people and project a higher level of confidence. This is the hallmark of a successful person. This is what will attract clients.

Take control of your appearance:

Always make sure that your clothing is clean, in good repair and fits well. If your lab coat has a stain, only wear it at home. (Is a single new client worth a $30 lab coat? Every new client can be worth $500 to over $3000 per year. Every new client that is referred is worth the same. So how much is a $30 lab coat worth to you?)

Spend the money to get your hair and skin looking as good as possible. You are a walking advertisement. Make sure that it says, "I am healthy and successful." Clients want to go to someone who can take them to the next level.

Don't get lazy. Make sure you look your best every day. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Name Tags

Be sure to have a professional looking name tag prominently displayed whenever you are at school or at work. It makes an important statement about your self-worth and is part of your presentation as a professional. It also makes the client more comfortable if they know your name. The easier you make it for them to know your name, the more likely they are to talk about you to other people who could become your clients.

By following these tips, you could increase your annual revenues by several hundred dollars a year to over $10,000 more a year than if you forget to follow these easy rules for success.



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