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Learn to Love Feedback (Criticism)

This is a big one. If you master this, you are guaranteed to succeed.

Nobody loves to be criticized. Even when your goal is to be as successful as possible, feedback or criticism is often incorrectly associated with punishment or being wrong. It is natural. Most of our lives we have received feedback in ways that were tied to being bad or being punished. It is the legacy of the behavioral scientists who designed the educational and socialization structure of our society. Do something good and get a reward. Do something bad and get punished.

The point is: If you can learn to love criticism or feedback, and see it as a gift that is being given to you to help you succeed, you will be extremely successful.

For instance, are you paying us to make you feel good about yourself or to help you succeed? Think about it. If all we did was give you compliments, no matter what you were doing, how much would you improve. Right. You would not improve much at all. However, if we show you better, easier and more efficient ways to do things, you will get progressively more successful.

But most of all, if you learn to love criticism, you will be incredibly successful because you will learn from every client who you work on. Once they know you are open to feedback, they will tell you things that will help you to improve.

The people who plateau or fail in their work are the ones who avoid feedback. They are what we call losers.

So learn to love feedback and criticism. It is your biggest gift.


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