Student Discount Services

The student clinic is an important experience to help build professionalism and refine technique. It is also equally important for our graduates to take good care of themselves. By offering a discount on services in the student clinic it gives our existing students very valuable feedback that is more qualified than what they may receive from clients that have no knowledge of the work. It also gives our alumni a chance to keep up with the school and find out about ways the programs are being refined as well as receive valuable body work.

We are very pleased with the synergy that this incentive program offers both the student and the graduate. We look forward to seeing many of you on a regular basis. For alumni that are building successful businesses this also gives you a wonderful place to preview the work of students that you may want to hire in the future.

This is truly a win win situation.

Graduates may also purchase Gift Certificates at a 10% discount for services in the student clinic. This is an ideal way to transition family and friends that received free practice sessions from students into continuing to receive sessions at a low cost alternative.