Why Study at Spa Tech Institute?

Quite simply, students choose Spa Tech Institute because they want a superior education from a school with a reputation for quality that is seen as a leader in the industry. The school’s commitment to your knowledge as well as post graduate support are very important factors in your success as a massage therapist, aesthetician, cosmetologist or polarity therapist.

Graduating from Spa Tech Institute also helps with placement. Employers recognize that the best practitioners care about quality which is reflected in the school they choose. Spa Tech Institue’s reputation for high standards is reflected in the therapists and stylists that graduate from the program.

Most people do better when they study what they are interested in. As a career focused school you won’t be wasting your valuable time and money on classes that don’t pertain to your desired profession. You’ll never take a computer class or statistics class. Your program focuses on what you need to succeed as a massage therapist, cosmetologist, aesthetician or polarity therapist.

Once you graduate, your professional network will be with the teachers and students from Spa Tech Institute. Your fellow graduates share your passion for quality and excellence which will make them a wonderful resource well into your future career.

Our instructors are currently working in the profession they’re teaching so the skills you’ll be learning are the same skills that are being used in the top salons, clinics and spas today.

We offer the most direct and efficient way to start your career and expand your skills.

  • 6 to 14 month massage therapy programs
  • 6 and 12 month 600 hour aesthetics program in Maine
  • 7 and 24 month polarity therapy programs
  • 10-18 month cosmetology program in Maine

If you are looking for an outstanding education that’s completely focused on your interests, call us today at 800-262-8530 to learn more.

We look forward to helping you join our expanding community of outstanding professionals.