Leading Massage Schools in Massachusetts and Maine

Your education is an important investment in your future that will change your life forever.

As a massage therapist, you get to do work that is extremely satisfying and rewarding. You work in attractive settings that are healthy and positive, helping people to feel better and getting paid to do what you love.

Based on years of research and input from major spas and salons, the esthetics program prepares you for the professional exams needed for licensure and gives you the skills and knowledge that are in demand in spas and clinics.

A career in cosmetology lets you develop your creativity, both artistically and professionally. Whether you work in a salon or spa, for a product company, in the entertainment field or have your own business, it's whatever you want to make it.

Barbering is a fast growing and exciting career that combines your talent for style with your love of community. Barbering has a rich history and has long been regarded as a skilled profession, offering an interesting and creative work environment.

Manicuring is about more than being a Nail Tech. It's about making people feel special through pampering and nail art. Whether it's your primary service, your specialty or an addition to other skills you already have, it's both fun and valuable for your career.

The 600-hour Teacher Training for Cosmetology is offered multiple times throughout the year. To qualify for the program you must be a licensed cosmetologist in the State of Maine and have an interview with both Admissions and the Director at the school.

Polarity Therapy is the next level of healing that works with the energy fields of the body to create core, energetic health that feeds the rest of your systems. Designed for pioneers in the wellness industry, the work is transformative and can be added to all other practices.

Why Choose Spa Tech?

Whether you are interested in massage, esthetics, polarity, cosmetology, barbering or nail tech, a career helping people to look and feel their best is life changing. Unlike sitting behind a desk connected to phones and computers or working in retail or hospitality, careers in the massage, esthetics and cosmetology industries are gratifying on many levels. In addition to working in fun and creative environments with people who share your interests, you also have the ability to directly affect your pay by your performance. And if you want to open your own business, that's a realistic option. But the best part is that your clients appreciate what you do.

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Learning Is Easy When It's What Interests You!

Learning to take your creativity and passion to the next level is at the core of your education. As many students realize, it’s much easier to succeed when you study what you love. And being with like minded students and teachers is like finding your tribe. It changes everything. If you are passionate about massage therapy, going to the massage school is like being on vacation. Not only do you learn things that interest you, but you also get several massages a week as part of your training. If you love skincare, makeup and spa treatments, the esthetics school teaches you the science of skincare and makeup as well as the experience of doing skincare sessions, makeup and spa treatments on each other and the public. And if you love hair and nails, the beauty school gives you the science, technique and practice to be a successful cosmetology professional.

Visit the School to Learn More and Meet Students

When you visit the school and talk to students and teachers, you get an excellent sense of why Spa Tech Institute graduates are among the best. We focus on helping you develop your technical skills while also helping you find your unique expression of the work. With an emphasis on learning professionalism and excellent customer care and communication skills, you can hit the ground running when you start your professional career. Employers recognize the difference which is why they seek out Spa Tech Institute graduates.

Employment After Graduation?

Employers have learned that graduates of the massage school, esthetician school, cosmetology school, limited barbering, and polarity school are some of the best in the field. Employers are constantly calling the school and listing new jobs on the school job portal. The school is very active with employers from the massage, spa and beauty industries to ensure that you have the skills you need to succeed.

Seeing the massage, cosmetology, esthetics and polarity fields grow in Maine and Massachusetts is exciting and increases the opportunities for graduates. New England has awoken to the benefits of massage, polarity and esthetics as well as the importance of beauty and appearance in all aspects of life. The spa, salon, medical and stress management industries continue to evolve in many positive ways and the opportunities for either employment, private practice or opening a business continue to expand.

What if I want to work for myself or start a business?

Whether you want to work in a spa, salon, resort, clinic, or as a product representative, or if you want to open a private practice or your own spa or salon, the skills you learn at school are the foundation of everything you do in the future. The school loves to support entrepreneurs as they launch their business. We encourage you to look at the Graduate Spotlights to learn more about what past graduates of the school are doing. Many of the massage, esthetics and cosmeotlogy teachers either currently own or have owned their salon or spa in the past and are always willing and eager to give you the encouragement and guidance to do the same.

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...open my own business

"With the education I received I was able to open my own business the month after I graduated, start working with clients and making money. Attending Spa Tech Institute was the best decision I have ever made and it has truly changed my life for the better."

Jennifer Hrenko

...an unbelievable education

"Spa tech Institute has changed and perfected almost every aspect of my life. With a caring and supportive staff who want you to succeed, Spa Tech provides an unbelievable education and learning experience. Thank you Spa Tech Institute, for all that you have given to us!"

Monica Hamel

...given me everything

"Spa Tech has given me everything I need to know about massage. Spa Tech with all the teachers help has given me the confidence to know I will be successful to follow my dream. Teachers are amazing and they are always there whenever you need help."