Your career success starts with getting the best education possible. When choosing a school, you must think of your future. There are many different schools and programs, and they all offer something different. It is important that your questions are fully answered so that you can make the best decision possible. We look forward to helping you take the next step toward your exciting new career path.


In order to enroll in Spa Tech Institute, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (Drivers license, birth certificate, other proof).
  • Have a high school diploma, HiSet or General Education Development (GED) certificate or equivalent. The equivalents may be satisfied with the following:
    • Have a high school transcript with graduation date clearly indicated.
    • A college transcript from a Title IV approved college from an Associate Degree or at least 2 years towards a Bachelor degree
    • Documentation showing that the student has met the state’s homeschool requirements or
    • Other acceptable documentation that supports proof of state recognized High School graduation credential.
  • Have completed an admissions interview.
  • Reviewed all disclosures.
  • Established the method of payment for tuition, books and fees.

Enrollment Process:

To start your enrollment, begin by calling 800-262-8530 or fill out our online form at the top of this page. A Career Advisor will contact you to set up an information interview. You will then be required to complete these steps:

  • Submit an application with a check in the amount of $50.
  • Submit valid proof of high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Proof of age document (birth certificate, driver license or other proof of age).
  • Complete an admissions interview.
  • Establish financing for tuition, books, and supplies.

US DOE School Consumer Information

The College Score Card provides useful information on a variety of schools. However, it’s important to understand that the information is based on the accuracy of the information reported by the schools. Various schools may report data differently and therefore have either no results or inconsistent results. Therefore it’s very important that you do not base your decision solely on the information in the scorecard. You will want to set up an information meeting at the school as soon as possible to learn more about the programs, teachers, and your financial aid options, schedules and how to move forward with enrollment. Pay attention to your experience and find the school that best matches your needs and personality.

*Spa Tech Institute does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, ethnic origin or religion.

Important Note: Spa Tech Institute in Maine and Massachusetts makes no claim about employment after completion of your school. As a graduate we will help you with your job search but placement is dependent on your commitment and flexibility in schedule, pay and location. The school is dedicated to your success and offers a 20% credit on all future career training in the massage school, cosmetology school, aesthetics school or polarity school to give you a competitive edge by learning all that you can about the spa and wellness fields. The school also offers the Merit Scholarship for additional supervision in the student clinic at the school. Please contact the school director at the campus of your choice in Massachusetts or Maine for more information.