Advanced Realizing Your Sublime Energies (ARYSE) CEU

ARYSE (pronounced a-rise) is advanced energy clearing and instruction for those who have completed RYSE and are looking for personal clearing that takes them to the next level. The 2-hour class is taught by Nancy Risley, RPP, RPE, the creator of RYSE and author of RYSE Tools For Life.

The clearing is done by Nancy Risley and assisted by Kris Stecker, using the sound of 18 Quartz Crystal Bowls as heard on Moon Suite and the RYSE CDs. The clearing is based on the core RYSE information as well as current seasonal, astrological and other evolutionary changes that are taking place at the time of the clearing. But most importantly it’s based on your evolution. The more you use the RYSE techniques, the more you become an energetic being having a physical experience. This evolutionary process involves personal learning, transformation, integration, challenge, and breakthrough.

If you feel like you need assistance with integrating recent transformative events or are stuck or on a plateau and need assistance with removing the blocks to your transformation, working with Nancy and Kris live is an important step.

The ARYSE Concept

RYSE teaches you how to manage your energy system. With constant repetition with the help of the CDs, you can continue to raise your vibration and manifest the results of operating as an aligned energetic being. The power of repetition is what drives your personal transformation. Just like good dental care depends more on daily repetition than going to the dentist twice a year, energy work is most effective when done consistently.

Of course, as we change our opportunities to grow and go to the next level expand. Through constant use, you will grow. But there is also a faster way to go to the next level.

ARYSE is designed to assist those who want to accelerate the process of personal energy evolution. With Nancy Risley’s direct attention she can help you to fine-tune your energy practices. Additionally, being cleared by Nancy and Kris in a live setting allows the work to be specific to your needs. The sound of the bowls is far more powerful live than in a recording. There is no technology that can capture the full sonic effect of the bowls.

When you are ready to accelerate your process, call Ipswich to find out when the next ARYSE is being offered.

ARYSE Schedule

In ARYSE at Spa Tech Institute, Nancy is assisted in the clearing by Kris Stecker with the Quartz Crystal Bowls. The bowls are more powerful than in recordings and the session is responsive to the work being done and the people in the room. The distance ARYSE does not use the bowls.

Please Note: You can now sign up online with credit/debit card or PayPal by using the Enroll Here button. Each button is unique to the date of the class so please be sure to use the button that is next to the date that you are attending. 

  • Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 9-11 AM, Distance ARYSE Enroll Here
  • Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 9-11 AM, Distance ARYSE Enroll Here
  • Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 9-11 AM, Distance ARYSE Enroll Here


Important Information

Please don’t be late as once the class starts, you cannot come in. The doors are closed and ARYSE starts promptly at 10:00 am. Doors open at 9:15 to discuss personal ‘lists’ with Nancy. Please email Nancy your list beforehand so she can start preparing the day before.

Distance ARYSE is done using GoToMeeting which can either be done by phone, computer or tablet. Please be sure to download the app ahead of time or call 15 minutes early to be sure that you can communicate. Common problems are older computers that don’t have microphones or speakers that connect and work well or not knowing how to join a meeting. The advantage of using a computer or an app is that you can ask questions by using the comment feature and if Nancy shares her screen to review something you can see it. Many people will use their computer for the image and their phone for the sound.

Session Price*: $100  (Class size is limited so reservations are required.)

Prerequisite: RYSE 1-4

To sign up by mail send your check to:

Spa Tech Institute
126 High Street
Ipswich MA 01938

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* NOTE: Because ARYSE is not a class, but a session with Nancy and Kris, the Student and Graduate Tuition Credit do not apply.